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Sasha Graham
Come with me over to another one of those blogs that does a card a day. You would think that –given the propensity for Tarot bloggers to do a card a day– I would get bored. However, when you have blogs like Tarot Girl aka Sasha Graham doing them, it’s hard to get bored!

One thing Graham does exceedingly well is to weave in traditional meanings with her own takes on the cards. For me, this expands my view of each card. And she doesn’t limit herself to the card a day format. She often shares spreads for her readers to try out.

For instance on Summer Soltice Graham offered the Summer Solstice Spread along with this fabulous bit of practical lore:

I’ll let one marshmallow incinerate on the stick and chose something in my life that I need to get rid of. I will gaze at the fireflies twinkling around me and their tiny lights remind me of new beginnings yet to unfold in my life.

It is this personalization that grabs me–keeps me expectantly waiting for the next post on Graham’s blog. And these are her daily draws so you can often see the same card popping up. Her encounter with the Devil card cracked me up. Her voice is so approachable! Truly this is someone whose humor I get!

One of my favorite interpretations of The Devil card in Tarot is the Devil wants you to have fun. He wants you to enjoy yourself. The esoteric function of the Devil is laughter. The Devil is also your personal spokesman for procrastination. If there is anyone sitting on your shoulder telling you to put something off it’s this deviant little monster. Trouble is, when procrastination blows up in your face, you pay the price, and the Devil is right there grinning, laughing, salivating.

Enter me, the girl who happily skipped through her twenties with no health insurance. Now, all grown up and thoroughly insured, I visit the Periodontist yesterday. The Devil screamed with excitement, handed me a rinse cup and informed me I will be enduring massive oral surgery. All due to my lack of care. Completely preventable. Totally my fault. Devil did a tequila shot in my honor.

Now how can you not nod your head in laughing agreement to that? So head on over to Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card A Day Blog. Tell her I sent you, won’t you?

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