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Chanah tells it like it is in her life. This highly personal blog takes you into her world reminding you that there are those out there struggling. She doesn’t gloss over things nor does she dissolve into whining which you might agree she is entitled to do. Once you’ve read her blog for a while, you will be amazed at the courage of the human spirit determined to keep moving forward.

Not a Tarot blog, Chanah uses Lenormand-style decks. The Lenormand deck is thirty-six cards commonly associated with gypsy readers and the like. It’s a younger blog like mine having started on May 1 2008. The first post sets the tone of the blog.

Consider this one more contribution to the cause. I’ve been working and playing with the Lenormand cards off and on since I was introduced to them in Paris in 1971. They are a truly delightful and uncannily accurate oracle, and I’m sad to say, largely a dying art – I’m happy to see a little bit of information about them, but there isn’t a lot – hence one of the reasons for this blog. I’d like to share some of my knowledge about the cards, and hope to help preserve this particular art of cartomancy. I’m also fascinated by Tarot, Sibillas, Kipperkarten, Gypsy cards, and Crowstones.

And that is a promise she keeps. Her contributions are in-depth looks at cards combined with detailed readings that show you how to work with this intriguing system. I particularly like that she uses different Lenormand-style decks showing you the various nuances each one has.

She shows her audience readings for herself as well as anonymous others. I like that she does not shy away from discussing her readings in a personal as well as personable way. Here is a snipped from a May 23rd problem solving reading Chanah did for herself.
Lenormand Two

How is my self-confidence? The House, which again, indicates at least some stability. I’m not in horrible shape, at least in some ways. But I think that finding a place to be that feels comfortable is what will really help. You know something’s wrong when you’ve been home for a month and you still haven’t quite managed to unpack. I’m feeling very unsettled, like I’m here, but here isn’t really a home, and that’s knocking the confidence for a loop.

Sometimes you get peeks into the world she lives in which is a stark reminder that some of us have neighbors who will steal us blind or use us up. I’m impressed that she doesn’t just ask for help. I think I might if I were in her situation. Instead she simply reminds folks that she is available for readings using this amazing divination system. My hat is off to her because, honestly, I might just collapse into a puddle of self-pitying tears. Chanah may not realize how brave she is, but I see it.

Every now and again she turns from the Lenormand system to offer her insight on astrology and other divination systems. I truly enjoy reading Chanah’s Confessions Of A Freaky Fortune Teller for the variety she offers. So do take a minute to read all she has to offer. I think you will find that this is a blog you will want to subscribe to. And maybe, like me, you will want to have Chanah do a reading for you with this intriguing old divining method. Visit Confessions Of A Freaky Fortune Teller and tell her Arwen says hello, won’t you?

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