DECK REVIEW: The Whispering Tarot By Elizabeth Hazel

High Priestess Whispering Tarot
This poker-sized deck is a limited-edition from Tarot and Astrology expert, Elizabeth Hazel. Each of the first 1000 decks (or thereabouts because the postal service was not kind to Hazel and damaged boxes) is signed and numbered. I have #340. The back is an elegant design reminiscent of Celtic knotwork. The purple and green-gold are a very soothing combination.

After happily flipping through the cards, I stuck them in my purse (perfect size deck for toting around) to take to work. I wanted to play with them a bit more. As luck would have it, a co-worker (no one is ever in on a Saturday) happened by and asked if I did readings. I told her that I normally charged for them but I had a new deck. If she didn’t mind being a guinea pig… she readily agreed.

It was very odd for me to sit down with a deck I had literally been through once. I hadn’t even done my usual “Meeting A New Deck” spread (snagged from Aeclectic Tarot) so this was totally cold for me.Wheel Of Fortune Whispering Tarot

This deck… it doesn’t whisper; it shouts. Elizabeth said that to me in an email exchange and I have to admit–she was very right. It nailed the querent on the first card and every card after. I did a simple compass spread with the center card being her primary issue.

My co-worker confessed to having some knowledge of Tarot herself. She was amazed at the reading.

The artwork varies from mesmerizing to simplistic but it is never ever boring. These are lovely cards with vibrant colors. When I did my “Meeting A New Deck” spread, I was very surprised to see the Queen of Cups show up in answer to the first question “What do I need to learn from you.” One of the things that surprised me was that a symbol used in this card is one of my power symbols. So this was a very clear shout from the Whispering Tarot about my own intuition.
Chariot Whispering Tarot

The only disappointment I had was that the book is a pdf file on a CD. I missed that information on the website. It is very well done. I just don’t always carry my computer with me and I would not ever be able to hang on to the pieces of paper were I to print it out. Still, this is a very clear and open little deck. A reader with some experience will have no trouble interpreting it. A beginner may wish to do readings near the computer until they are comfortable though. Or print the PDF.

Each suit has its element echoed throughout with fairies making appearances here and there. The pips (Minor Arcana) are fully illustrated which I prefer.

Overall, the only drawbacks for me are the book and the size. While I love being able to toss it in my purse, I have fairly large hands so this little deck is a challenge to my dexterity.9 of Swords Whispering Tarot

I recommend this deck to those seeking a deck with obvious spiritual overtones that has been created with a distinct purpose. I’m very glad I listened to my gut and bought these cards as soon as I saw them. I’d love to hear from other owners of the amazing little deck The Whispering Tarot.

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