SPREAD: The Potent Self Spread by Mary K Greer

Mary K Greer presented a new spread. The Potent Self Spread caught my eye for two reasons.

  1. It was designed to be introspective. I gravitate towards that type of spread.
  2. It dealt with reversals. I’ve been asked quite a bit recently about how to read reversals. (That blog is coming up soon, promise!)

The premise is to help you find what is blocking your potential potency. What lessens you and what you can gain from growth. I am paraphrasing greatly here. What I want to talk about is what I got from my personal reading.

The instructions are specific so make sure you read them and follow them. Because I like to use cards I am not as familiar with for my own readings, I chose the Fenestra Tarot.

The first reversed card was the Moon. I took this to mean that my own spirituality is where I feel the most impotent or inhibited. The Moon, to me, is also about depression and mental illness. I battled a major depression right after my mother died that nearly did me in. It was not my first bout of unipolar depression, but I was determined it would be the very last one. I think this reversed moon points out my own terror about reverting to depression. I truly hated the person I was during that time but seemed to have no control over her. In the past few years I’ve embarked on what many of my close friends know I call the Arwen Remodeling Project. The ARP is going fabulously well, thank you. Still my fears of slipping seem to be blocking me as well.

The next card as to what was causing this impotency was the 3 of Pentacles Rx (Rx means reversed for me not a prescription! lol) That made me take a step back. I really wasn’t sure what that meant. I mean, I know it’s the card of the builder, the architect and sometimes the committee. One deck even shows a pawn shop! But here was a figure on their knees working. How could they get any work done if they were upside down?

Card three was the Sun upright. This was what I could gain from becoming more potent. So, if I could manage my fear about depression — or is that just let go of the fear altogether– the potential gain was huge. I mean talk about the Tarot being just downright BLUNT right? And juxtaposing the Moon as my block to the Sun as my potency if I could unblock? Wow. Just wow!

Then the card that was what I could expect if I didn’t become potent or worse was the 4 of Coins RX. Ouch! The Miser trapped in their own cage clutching at the little bits of community that they could. Another smack upside the head courtesy of the Fenestra Tarot! lol

The last card about what action was needed was the 7 of Pentacles which, for me, is the card of the working/waiting gardener. You know the one that tells me I have to weed my personal garden? Yeah that one.

Overall this spread targeted things for me as well as gave me useful takeaways in what I need to do to make some changes. The weeding thing echoed something I was told in another reading by another reader. So ok ok, Universe. SHEESH! I’m listening already!

Yeah… I need to start doing as well.

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