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Beth Owl's Daughter
While Beth Owl’s Daughter’s blog is not just a Tarot blog, I visit it every day she posts (and she is a very diligent poster thank goodness.) From how to work with the Good Folk to lore on various herbs, Beth shares her deep pools of knowledge with her readers. In fact she tells you herself what she does with her blog.

Welcome to my little nest of sacred space. As a part of my devotional practice, I offer you a “little bit of magic every day.” Here you will find seasonal and magical lore, poetry, humor, and the occasional rumination on politics and culture.

I have been visiting Beth’s blog for a few months now and have yet to be bored. Quite often I learn some peice of lore that I wasn’t aware of! She shares poetry which for the most part is classical style. Each poem is accompanied by a photo or piece of art that compliments the words. I find it a gentle and lovely way to start my days.

Mondays are her Tarot days where she draws a card for the week. She weaves in traditional meaning along with current events as well as practical advice on how to utilize this card for yourself. And she is political without being overt which I appreciate. Luckily my politics jive with hers so when she says of the 10 of Pentacles

This week, notice who holds the purse strings in our families, our community, our nation. Is it based on sharing, creating, loving? Or are the strings held tightly, with fear, the belief in lack, and hoarding? Who has the power?

I find myself nodding my head in agreement.

From her May 23 blog on Faery Altars, Beth offers this:

The main functions of your altar are to give you a way to focus, helping you bridge the mundane with the magical realms, and as a place where you can leave offerings. So, your altar can take many forms. Let it be an expression of your creativity and joyfulness, for those energies are most appreciated and call to the Folk.

I think if you take the time to visit Beth Owl’s Daughter, you will find a woman of deep, abiding faith who shares her wisdom with all without stooping to preaching or grimoire-thumping tactics. Of course, I am Wiccan so those not of a pagan faith may not agree. I should also disclose that I have interacted with Beth on various lists over the past years so I do bring in that slant of acquaintance to this post. So what are you waiting for? Go visit Beth’s blog. Do tell her I pointed you her way, won’t you?

Thanks for following and liking me!

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