Musings on the Fool’s Journey: The Fool Meets the Lovers & The Chariot

Fool Radiant Rider Waite Smith Tarot
So the Fool left the temple of the Heirophant wondering if he’d be in trouble again. Then he realized that the sun was shining. He focused on his little white dog dashing through the weeds chasing bright yellow butterflies.

“I wonder who the Eternal Couple is?” He lifted his jingly cap to scratch his head. “Or is that are?”

With a gay little laugh, the Fool began to skip down the dusty road. His dog scampered behind him barking in time with the melody of the silver bells from the hat.

The dirt churned up under his feet creating quite the cloud. Sneezing, the Fool decided to find some soft green grass to sit down on so he could clear his head and have a bite to eat. While he shared his cheese and bread with his faithful pup, he noticed that the sun seemed brighter at one spot. Being the curious sort, once he packed his bag back up, he hoisted himself to his feet calling his dog to follow him. Off towards the brightness our merry little Fool went.

Imagine his suprise when the brightness turned out not to be the sun but an angel with flaming hair who seemed to be watching over two people below. The Fool blushed bright red when he saw that the two people were completely and utterly without clothing.

Clearing his throat and turning his head, the Fool approached them. “Excuse me? Could you help me?”

The woman spoke first. There was soft laughter in her voice. “Why do you not look at us, Fool? Weren’t you sent to find us?”

Lovers Rider Waite Tarot
“Me? Find you?” The Fool hesitated. “OH! You must be the Eternal Couple the Heirophant said I should seek. I’m looking for Will. The Magician said I would need it. Do you have it for me?”

Next the man spoke in a husky tone, “Beloved, who do you talk to? Why do you not speak to me? I adore your soul and your heart.”

Shaking her head, the woman motioned the Fool closer. “He’s very absorbed right now. See how he looks at me and only me? I am in love with him, it’s true, but I recognize that there are higher powers at work.”

She pointed into the sky. “See the angel there? He is our guide and if we both would just pay attention to the Universal message, we would be safe.”

The Fool screamed and jumped. With a trembling hand, he pointed to the tree behind the woman. Then he flung his finger toward the tree behind the man. “SNAKE! FIRE!”

Smiling, the woman reached out and lowered the Fool’s hand. “Shhh, it’s ok. Poor Fool, I’m sorry you were frightened. The snake is there to remind me of what happens when I am tempted away from this union I’ve committed to and the fire represents my partner’s passion.”

“Oh” said the Fool who didn’t know what else to say. He waited a moment but the woman had returned to staring at the angel while the man just stared at her. “Um, miss? Did you know where I can find Will?”

A booming laugh startled the Fool. “You’ll get nothing more from these two, young Fool. Climb up with me and I will share my knowledge you. Do hurry! I hate to wait. Bring the dog as well.”

Running to do as he was bid, the Fool called his dog. They leapt up into the vehicle just as the man started down the road. The Fool was amazed as he looked at what pulled them. The very representation of the wisdom of the ages were tethered to the chariot. It was then that he realized he rode with the Charioteer.

Clutching tightly to the sides, the Fool opened with a question. “Why do you have sphinxes pulling your chariot, sir?”

“Because they will take me the wisest way as long as I remember to hold on to the reins.”

The Fool pulled his head back. “You mean you control them and not they you?”

“Ah little Fool, you ask the question we should all ask ourselves. If the Chariot is your life,” The chariot driver winked at the Fool, “Then where you go depends on who is driving, right?”Chariot Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Puzzling over the question a minute, the Fool tapped his chin. “So if you didn’t hold on to the reins, you might end up anywhere?”

“Exactly!” The Charioteer let loose with another booming laugh. “I must master the reins or the reins will become tangled and so will my life. Now then, it is time for you to depart. I must go a different way and you still must find Will. I suggest you ask the woman you will find next. Careful now. She has a lion but if you ask her politely, she may be able to help you.”

The Fool climbed out of the chariot and stood watching as the Charioteer disappeared in a cloud of dust. Looking down at his dog, he murmured, “I wonder how he knew what I was looking for? Oh well, let’s rest a bit then we can go find this woman and her lion. I’d like to see that, I think.”

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