DECK REVIEW: Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel

The Whispering Tarot Wheel Of Fortune
I just got notification of the Summer 2008 American Tarot Association’s Quarterly Journal. No one was happier than I when Liz Hazel agreed to take this project off my hands. While I enjoyed gathering the articles, Liz has transformed this members-only publication into a classy, quality production. You could tell with her first offering that she was aiming for a magazine style that would give experienced and beginning readers in-depth information.

When I opened up my QJ, I saw an announcement that read:

The Whispering Tarot by Elizabeth Hazel was released in late June 2008. This is a signed, limited edition of 500 decks. Copies are available at A review of the deck will be in the QJ Fall 2008 issue.

I immediately dashed off to Liz’s site. Once I saw the cards, I didn’t hesitate another moment. I bought my own set before rushing back here to tell y’all about it. I’d be very sad if I missed my chance to grab a first edition.

I am soooo not an artist but the first thing that came to mind when I saw these images was an old colored pencil set I used to have. I bought them when I bought a book with mandalas. I had plans to try to free my inner artsy-fartsy muse. I fear by now she’s withered away and crumbled into dust like those pencils. Liz’s muse is obviously more well fed than mine! Well done, Liz. So very well done!Liz Hazel

If I were to label her work, I’d have to say I can’t. Bright vibrant colors leap off the computer screen. The figures seem to range from Etruscan to modern and then they wander all around the globe. The Queen of Wands is something I’d put on my wall with her fiery dress engulfing her uplifting her.

And look at the image in this blog. The three women must be the Wyrd or the Fates. That their faces are blank really speaks to me because I don’t think we can put a face on Fate, do you?

I truly can not wait to get my hands on this deck. I want to see if the colors on my computer translate into the deck. I promise a review once I have this deck where I want it… IN MY HANDS. 🙂

And if you want to become a member of the American Tarot Association, I hope you will check us out. Elections will be coming up soon so if you are a member, make sure your dues are paid up. Which reminds me, the president of the American Tarot Association needs to pay HER dues! LOL

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