Take what they give.

In each encounter in your daily life, take whatever the other gives you. If they are angry, accept that. If they are sad, let that pass into your consciousness. If they are sexually attracted to you, let that into your energy field as well. No matter what your personal reaction might normally be, whether fear, attraction, boredom, repulsion, accept the individual before you without judgement. Absorb their energies into yourself through touching them lightly on the shoulder, take their hand in yours, let essence flow from their eyes into yours. Radiate back to them both love and acceptance. Realize that this has nothing to do with your “personal” reactions, but is the channeling of Babalon as s/he touches the human sphere.


Wow! Much thanks to Desdinova for sending me this URL. I don’t know if I have absorbed it all yet. Babalon is the Warrior face of Deity. That is very interesting given some other things going on in my life.

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