Mini Brag

Ok, it’s my journal so I can brag, right? (why is grab brag misspelled?)

I am going to be PUBLISHED! Yay me! First in The Beltane Papers… a poem. Second in a Canadian mag called H.I.C.K…. an article. I am jazzed. Payment is in copy, but what the hell. Published… a dream come true!

Things are improving. Had a short chat with D last night about finances as well as talking to me when she had a problem with me. I really hate it when she runs to M and then he gets put in the middle. The man is not a tugtoy and I refuse to do that to him.

I posted a few poems to a local list last night. People seemed to like them. That is always rewarding but also scary as hell to bare your soul like that. The poems are up at my website… if someone likes them, they say so. No one yet has taken the time to say that they are scum.

Of course, H has helped me so much in that area. He is such a treasure. Neat to say I know someone who knew J. Joplin and the Byrds (even co-wrote a song with one of them that did pretty well!) and other great greats. He is the one person who has ever been able to critique my stuff. He seems to understand how to do that. He can tell me it is crap in such a way that makes me want to work to make it not crap. Love you, H!

Beautiful morning! A bit cloudy and cool, but the grey clouds kept letting blue peek through here and there. I am just loving life right now.

Got our fun ritual done for D’fest. Looking forward to doing it. Grin, we have so many volunteers to help that I fear we may not have things for everyone to do! HA! It’s gonna be a hoot and raise some fun, healing energy at the same time.

I’ll be gone next week… up to the mountains. Might come down a time or two for a hot shower (M is convincing me that this is a good thing… grin), but I don’t know. I am so sedentary! Get me up there and leave me there… but that hot shower sure does sound yummy!

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