This morning’s carpool was particularly nice. The hot air balloon we see was far above the mountains this morning. They must have caught a good updraft and just soared. I am thinking of spending some of my inheritance on a balloon ride. I have always wanted to do that… just go way up high and listen to the wind and watch the world drift by.

Then the connection between M and I was so strong. I don’t know what it was, but when I touched his hand it was like a frisson every time. We were listening to KYGO (country) and they played some great tunes. Grin, I could FEEEEEEL the love.

Today is play catch-up on the communications page here at work. Not much to do so that will be a quick thing. Have to hook up with another manager in another department to see if he will approve his project. I am pretty pleased with it. We made some minor changes yesterday to it that really worked. He has a good eye for design.

Have to work on the ritual we are doing for D’fest. Ours is going to be sheer fun. Need to remind people about the joy of worshipping the Old Ones. I think sometimes we forget or get so wrapped up in the “dark ooky-spooky” glamour-type stuff. Balance is the best way for me. Can’t do all light and white nor can I do all dark either. I get a good giggle at those who are so SERIOUS about their religion. They remind me of the Catholics.

Just a great start to my day. Blessings abound and energy attacks rebound. Life is very very good.

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