What a nice day we had. B and M and their daughter E were here for the weekend. They are really neat people. M is really an attractive woman which is odd. I haven’t been attracted to a woman in so long and she is just NOT my type. LOL! B is charming and cute as well. 🙂 Then we had P and TJ over for the poly potluck yesterday and it is always fun to have a chance to argue…er discuss things with TJ. M tried to mediate and we had to tell her that this was normal for us. 🙂

The SAM gathering was terrific! Met a lovely couple and their two children… we hope to see them again. It was good to have children about the house again. Their 22 month old is a real charmer. She has this great laugh. You can’t help but laugh with her. She and I played Pop The Grape and when I would miss, she would just collapse giggling. There is magic in the laugh of a child.

M and M slept together. Smile. I was glad. I like M and feel comfortable around her. M likes her and she is very cuddly so that worked out well. It was a bit odd at times when the four of them (D and B slept together as well) were together. I felt a bit like a fifth wheel, but I also had a lot of stuff to get done webwise, so I concentrated on that and got over myself. grin. These guys have been friends for years so it was nice to see M get to relax around old friends.

Just a good weekend all in all. Now I am exhausted and am off to bed.

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