So today found us moving furniture. We had to get a bed for J because C needed the top half of the bunkbed back for H. Following me? Good. So we took the sofabed out of the garage to J’s room and the upstairs sofa came downstairs and the wall sofa got pulled out and the upstairs sofa got put there and my recliner went across the room and the freezer and the fridge got moved. That was just in the garage. Yikes!

Got pissed because I started some spare ribs this morning. We had a discussion about whether or not to cook them on high or low. We decided that low would be ok in terms of timing. D turned them up anyway. Part of me wants to just fucking give up in that realm. It doesn’t matter what my opinion is, she is going to do what she wants. Even M was surprised that she just went ahead and turned the damned things up. Another part of me is laughing that I am even upset about it. Status quo, baby, status quo. I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Had a great day yesterday. Went to the cat show with LMc and we people-watched and just chatted. We talked about religion some. It is so refreshing to find someone who doesn’t think they are “all that” and will talk about things. I am so tired of all the people who think they must have a bigger and badder Deity than thou. Grin. A good friend mentioned that the Darker Ones liked having fools as their front people because then they could get the real work done on the QT. That made sense to me.

Hungry now. Thinking I might go make some tortillas for lunch. mmmmm

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