Things are better. It all came to a head on Saturday morning and we all talked it out. Being in a poly relationship is just not easy but if we don’t talk, we lose every time.

Sunday was much fun! We went to Black and Read (great used bookstore) and I scored some great books! WHOO HOO! Then we went to Best Buy so C could get some stuff and Oso ended up buying two movies he wanted on DVD. I escaped without buying anything. Was looking for a Corrs CD but couldn’t find them. Might have been in the wrong section but I thought Rock/R&B would be right. oh well.

Then on to Biggs where Oso stayed in the car and the three of us went in and shopped.

Got home at 4pm and people were already there for the 3pm potluck. hee! Bad us. Everyone in the coven showed up save one person. IT was a lovely Beltaine ritual!

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