Well fuck me running. I clicked on the “not simple” page and LOST everything I had just typed. That bites.

I am tired of enabling someone at my house. Everytime I whine about the fact that she sits on her ass all day long and then we all have to help clean the house, I get told that I can’t say anything because she will pout.

I am getting to where I don’t care if she pouts. Hell, I would love a job where I got paid to do NOTHING and then when others got there, I got them to help me do what I was supposed to be doing.

It is enabling her co-dependent behaviour to not call her on it yet when we do, she pouts. A 40 year old pouting. You ahve to see it to believe it. She manages to infect the entire house with her crappy attitude.

Yeah, she’s depressed. Yeah, she’s on medication. But HELLLLO!! She goes back to fucking sleep after we all leave at 7am in the morning. Whose fault is it that she stays up until all hours of the morning? Not mine. Not Oso’s. Not anyone’s but hers yet we all suffer for it.

Dishes left in the freaking sink for days. D/w sits with clean dishes and noone unloads it. Dinner is rarely on time. Tonight we all have to leave early in order to be ready for the OFM and I am willing to bet she doesn’t have dinner ready on time. I think I will stop at Burger King and eat so I don’t have to wait.

She was late for her own daughter’s concert! I was also late because I was, like a fool, depending on her timing. I thought the concert started at 1:30. It started at 1pm so because she wasn’t in a rush, I wasn’t either. That was my own fault. I know better than to expect her to get anywhere on time ever. I really think she will be late for her own funeral.

Late bothers me. It bothered me before I moved in, but now it has become a passion of mine to hate. People who are chronically late are disrespectful of others.

Venting is good. I don’t want to upset the apple cart at the house because we all suffer when she is moody. It affects Oso and he tends to take it out on me even if he doesn’t realize it. and that hurts. I feel trapped between my feeling that something has to be done and between my feeling that I don’t want to hurt Oso.

I hate late.

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