So last night was fun. I woke M up to play. WHEE. We don’t play enough. It is hard sometimes not having him in my bed every night and then again, it is hard sometimes having him there every other night. Such a Pisces.

Reading Jung’s Circle of Women by Maggy Anthony. It was reprinted 1999 and I am writing a review of it for The Beltane Papers. The book is fascinating so far. 130 pages is all it is and I am already up to Chapter 6 page 37. I brought it to work so I could read it at lunch.

I also got one on the Greek alphabet and the quaballah. Numeric and alphabetic systems and magic, I think. It looks as if it will be a bit harder to get into, but I really wanted it as well.

M. Esther Harding, Women’s Mysteries, was required reading for me in my training as a priestess. I don’t have the book in my personal library, but I want it. It is $27 bucks at Amazon. It lives on my wishlist and has been there since last September. Sometimes I wonder why I bother keeping it since I am the only one who buys anything off of it. I guess it is a like a permanent shopping list. Better than the back of an envelope, I am sure.

M and I are going to go look at costumes tonight. We are doing a shift at the PBS TV station for his work. Pledge drive. I did this last year with him. I had just driven all the way from Georgia to Colorado that night before. I didn’t want to do it the next night because I just wanted to touch him and knew I couldn’t at the shift thing. 🙂 I still want to touch him all the time. I adore him.

Still haven’t made that dr’s appointment. Guess I think putting it off will make something happen.
I need to call them.

Also working on two different projects. Both are about copyright issues.

The first is a group of us (us being pagans on the Internet) are working to get all the contact information for all the authors in the Riders of the Crystal Wind Book of Shadows. This was created by Paul S. as a labour of love. He put his heart and soul into it only to see it sold all over the web by unscrupulous (unknowing at least) pagans. Why do we pagans think it is ok to steal other people’s work? We post Scott Cunningham, Silver RavenWolf, Gerald B. Gardner and so many others without ever stopping to think about copyright.

The second project is to start a website where pagans can post their articles for others to read, but those articles will be passworded and in Adobe Format. It will be much harder to steal them that way.

Back to work… I am creating a glossary for the Intranet here and haven’t even gotten through the “a” section.

Thanks for following and liking me!

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