Poetry Challenge


Under Your Umbrella

I huddle from the thunderburst
one of several women seeking
safety from the street.

Your elusive smile wraps
us tight, but I want to sneak
closer. Redeemable hugs begin.

Remorseful doesn’t suit me.
You are not a project I am working on.
I begin to speak but cease.

Somethings shouldn’t be
spoken by tongues alone.
Your umbrella is wide and I am content.

7/3/03 {c}Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar

Green Stamp Love

We begin collecting elusive
smiles and midnight chats.
Secret meetings on the street
Ignoring possible thunderburst
from over heart. Remorseful
that this project can’t be,
we shake our heads. Women not
on the same page sticking
together any way. Hearts sneak
towards one another then run.

Is love redeemable?
7/3/03 {c}Stephanie Lynch AKA Arwen Nightstar

Why Linger?

Redeemable women who sneak
into our hearts even though
they say its only a thunderburst.
We begin our project thinking
the end is an elusive dragon’s hoard.

Only to end up remorseful on the street.
7/3/03 {c}Stephanie Lynch AKA Arwen Nightstar

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