I am trying to let some of this out. Read if you like. These are basically poetry jumbles. That is to say these are attempts at poems that just don’t go anywhere. Do any of them reach you or are they all as blah as I think they are?

music reminds me of you
slow smiles from across the room
gentle touches from your hands

My heart reaches for you
knowing you can’t reach back.
My soul yearns for you
knowing you can’t yearn back

music makes me sad these days
A harp, a flute a drum
The instrument isn’t important
it’s the sound that tears me

One swan upon the mirrored water swims alone

Lonely swan, I see you swimming
Gazing at the shore
Lonely swan, why are you waiting
Gazing at the shore?

I swim alone because my heart
is given away away.
I wait forever for my mate
who will never come.

Lovely swan, why wait?
You could have your choice of hearts.
Lovely swan, why swim?
You could walk the shore with ease.

I wait because I must
my heart will not go to anyone else
I swim because I must

My love can not love me
Honor bars the door
My love can not want me
Her heart yearns another

My love can not love you

Poverty in love

June 5, 2003

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