It’s A Cliff! Let’s Jump Off And See Where We Land!

Shakespearian Tarot Fool
I wanted to visit The Fool today so I pulled a few from various decks. I tried to grab a variety of images to see how various artists interpreted this eternal wanderer of the Tarot.

From the 2004 entry: I pulled the Fool on a daily draw. The zero card in the Major Arcana stared back at me from my hand. I wondered why he’d shown up this morning. The day after Death. Then I realized that it made sense. Yesterday was a change day and changes were made. Things were talked about. Emotions were laid out for examination. Karma yesterday and new beginning today.

As I edit this piece four years later in 2008 I realize how profound that card was. It was the beginning of a new journey for me–one I didn’t necessarily want to be on. It was the beginning of the end of a relationship that I truly believed would be my last true love. Since I am single now, grin, obviously I was wrong about that, eh?

From the 2004 entry: But the Fool also carries the message of caution. Don’t start without being aware that you are starting. That may be the single biggest waste of my personal time I do on a regular basis. I start without thinking. I think I know what I am starting, but do I?

Here in 2008 I can say that I’m still learning this one when it comes to the Really Big Important Stuff. I have to work on my impulsive nature. At forty-seven, I may have to just realize that I am an impulsive woman. Just today I chatted with my sister about my Piscean tendency to spend what I have. I am going to be cashing out a rather large sum of money from an old pension fund so I can pay taxes on something I forgot. What I told my sister, the Capricorn CPA, was that I would get the check, deposit the check, and immediately write the check back to her and mail it out so she could hang on to it for me. HA I have learned how to control something even if it means handing over that control to someone I trust.Herbal Tarot Fool

From 2004 entry: I recently started my Tarot Journal. I began with the first card, the Fool. What follows are my own thoughts on the Fool as it applies in readings. In parentheses are my comments to my own comments. Now I am confused! What a foolish thing. 🙂

And in 2008 that Tarot Journal sits near me still hoping for more work to be done on it. HEY! I think I did good just by glueing all the cards into place. 🙂

From 2004:

0 The Fool

Carries a bag. All his worldly goods or his hopes and dreams? (And today I realize that bag has more than worldly goods. It is everything he has. His hopes, his dreams, his possessions, his memories, his love, his very spirit and soul are in that bag.)

In the Shakespeare Tarot deck, our Fool is at the edge of a grassy cliff. His little white dog has jumped on him. Is he falling towards or away from the

Ginseng is the Fool in the Herbal deck. Energy – vitality- renewal of self.
(Ginseng Tea: Boil 2 cups of water in a non-metallic container. Remove from heat. Steep a slice of Ginseng root (or powder – 3 teaspoons, or a Ginseng tea bag) and cover for at least 5 minutes. Flavor to taste with sugar, honey, cinnamon, or mint. Makes two cups.) It is said to be an aphrodisiac as well. And aren’t many of us foolish in love?

Tarot of the Old Path shows a mother rushing too late to save her naked infant from being burned. There is a young person who has just gone by the incident without even looking. Some of our Foolish selves are very self-absorbed, aren’t they? In this card, the path splits into three winding paths up the mountain. Which will we choose? Will we remember we have choices when we get there?

Key thoughts from this card are:

Tarot Of The Old Path Fool

  • Beginning a new cycle of life (such as college, a new job, a new location)
  • Foolhardy nature
  • Being rash
  • Risk taker (in both a good way and a harmful way)
  • Brave
  • Fearless
  • Boldly going where norman has gone before. (My apologies… I used to think it was norman instead of no man…)

You never know what fork in life to take because the moment you choose one, then everything else changes to fit that step you just took. Even by standing still you are affecting the eddies of life around you.

2008 Arwen speaking here. I think this last line is still very important. “Everything changes to fit that step you just took.”

I will always be taking more Fool steps. It’s who I am. Part of the total package that is Arwen, if you will. One day I will find that partner who will complement my ways. He will be the counterbalance of that little white dog tugging at my skirt asking, “Arwen? Are you sure you want to do this right now without taking a moment to look at the map?”

First written: 10/8/2004 Stephanie Lynch aka Arwen Nightstar
Edited: 7/13/2008 Stephanie Arwen Lynch

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