The Tarot Is Mocking Me, Mom!

After last night’s radio show, I was on such a high from reading. It felt so right to be reading like that again. I used to do 1-900 readings. I stopped because I began to feel like I was robbing people at $4.99 a minute (of which I made eighteen cents a minute). People who were desperate for someone to listen to them would spend so much money just for a friendly voice. I truly began to hate that job and myself for taking advantage of people.

So I haven’t read live like that other than at parties since. I still did (and do) one-on-one readings of course, but nothing like the busy hour I had last night. It fulfilled me on levels I’d forgotten about. Guess I didn’t even know they were empty.

So I pulled a card afterwards with this thought in mind.

What does the Universe want me to learn from this experience?

What did I get but a Universal gentle ribbing in the form of the Seer of Cups. This card in the World Spirit Tarot is dedicated to Pamela “Pixie” Coleman Smith who was the artist for the Rider Waite Tarot (now often referred to as the Rider Waite Smith deck to included Pixie’s work). The Seer is the Page in this deck.

According the accompanying book she represents:

The seer of Cups encourages you to spend time alone journaling, dreaming or exploring nature. She may describe an introspective person in your life, and almost certainly points to qualities worth nurturing within yourself right now.

Of course I had to laugh. What better answer than the message of introspection, right?

When has the Tarot poked fun at you in this manner? Gently or not so gently?

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