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It’s Saturday and that means we are off to visit someone else’s blog! Today I want to take you to see Tarot Table Talk.

Here is a blog that does something a bit different. Once a week (and I’m not positive which day but I think Saturdays), Susan posts six cards from various decks and directs her readers to choose one not based on meaning, but on which picture attracts you.

Interestingly enough the past two weeks both cards I’ve picked have been fives. You may have seen a journal entry on this early in the week. Susan asks for comments and then responds (which will always win my heart since I like being talked back to).

On a fun note, Susan is/was one of my mentees on the Free Tarot Network run by the American Tarot Association. I totally spaced this out until she said something!

What I like about this blog are the various images from decks I may not be familiar with. When she uses decks I am familiar with, it seems as though she knows some of my favorite ones!

She also shares some podcasts. It looks as though those may have been put on hiatus since the most recent one was from December 2007. That episode is described as:

Writing with the Tarot #3 is a personal writing exercise. There are five steps to this exercise which will culminate in a lot of writing! In a nutshell, you will pull cards to explore a span of your life—therefore we call it the Tarot Time Line exercise.

This is a Tarot Timeline that can be used for personal use and fiction writing which you know is a passion of mine. I like this because it is a hands on podcast. You are told in the very beginning to have pen and paper and deck. Both voices are very pleasant to listen to as well. It’s a nice length at just over 15 minutes. So not for car listening, but a good way to learn how to utilize the Tarot in a different way.

This is a blog where you can go to learn about Tarot from another reader willing to share their insights. Posting can be sporadic but subscribe so you don’t miss any of her entries.

Categories cover everything from the previously mentioned Card for the Week to Great Finds and more. I wish she used tags so I could jump around through related entries though. 🙂

I recommend this Tarot blog as one to add to your Google reader! And don’t forget to send me suggestions for other Tarot blogs I may not have found yet!

Thanks for following and liking me!

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