Other Blogs: Chris Butler’s A Gay Man And A Tarot Deck

A Gay Man And A Tarot Deck is the next blog on my tour of other people’s tarot blogs. Chris Butler, also the artist for the Quantum Tarot, combines his love of tarot with his love of art and his love of men. It is a fascinating journal.

He doesn’t post in it nearly often enough for me but you can’t rush art, right? What is there is definitely worth visiting and revisiting. He doesn’t just show you his art work. He opens himself up to share his process with you. He is very frank which I appreciate as well.

From his first post on April 27, 2008:
The Lovers All Rights Reserved by Chris Butler

It’s about the joy of being in love above all else and the joy of knowing that someone else is in love with you. There may be two men on the card but that’s something we can all relate and aspire to, gay or straight.

This is in reference to his Four of Wands featuring the faces of two men with expressions of such joy! It is an image that will make you smile no matter how you love.

And he very daringly (although probably predictably since this is a gay male tarot deck) presents us with a male Mystic instead of the female High Priestess.

From his June 4, 2008 entry, he offers:

The Mystic beckons us to walk between the pillars and join him in the waters of life and the spirit. He knows what it is to be a spiritual being and to be part of a spiritual family. To emulate him is to explore your spiritual side and to finally close the door on any sense of being excluded that you may have inherited from society. To be the Mystic is to take your place in the Dance.

Doesn’t that make you want to stand in line for this deck? With a voice like that and a fabulous artist besides, Chris Butler is a tarot blogger I will follow! I adore the fresh voice and eyes he brings to this project.

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