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I’m having such a good time with this workshop. It filled up faster than I thought. We have a wide variety from really experienced Tarot consultants to well-known published authors. I love the balance between the two sides.

There has been such interesting synchronicity in the cards drawn but the stories are vastly different. It’s been an amazing experience for me to see how one card can be such a different message for two stories. I mean I KNOW that is how it works, but to see it so clearly in action… wow.

What this workshop consists of is 13 lessons and 13 assignments. I post the lesson and the assignment and the next day is devoted to discussing the various cards for each person. I am learning how to keep myself out of other people’s stories — which is a wee bit difficult actually. Even harder is trying to do my own HJ as we go through the workshop. After working on the other lessons, it’s hard to pick up my deck.

I decided that I would do the workshop along with everyone. Not so much to plot a book (that will be a good side benefit) but more to see how the process works from a participant’s POV. Is there enough time? I worry that I am putting too much on folks with this schedule. We do have a break scheduled around July 4th though so that’s good.

And of course, I’m already plotting some extras for folks who are going to be around that weekend.

We are only two lessons in and lesson three will be posted tomorrow. I may occasionally post about the workshop here just to be able to touch base with myself.

Oh I’m using the Llewellyn Tarot for this workshop because I don’t know it as well and the character I’m working on has a connection with Britain.

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