Last night was a blast. I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard and so much. C and D came over for some lessons with M and I. The other C and D skipped out which is sad because they missed such a good time. πŸ™‚

The afternoon sucked though. Dr. gave me some bad news about my feet. sunuvabitch… it’s gonna be expensive to fix. Oh well.

M is hanging in there even though some days it is with his teeth. I allowed others to manipulate me yesterday and hurt him through me. I hate that. But when you have 5 different people all coming at ya… no make that 6.. it is a pain. Of course, wicked grin, much of that was because these people didn’t feel that I should be allowed to speak my mind. So, to still their fears (which is what it must be… why else would they need to read what I write? hmmmmm?) I set it so only friends can read it. What a bunch of babies. LOL! M handled it really well and told at least one of them to butt out. Man I sure do wish I could have been a fly on THAT wall.

Yeah, I’m petty… so what. Sue me. Those scum are a fat unemployed cunt, a skinny cheating bitch and her boyfriend who is poly but lies to his wife. Oh yeah… that’s poly alright. Guess I am proud to not be poly by their definition. Seems to me that their definition is to cheat, lie and manipulate their way into and out of relationships. The more you get to lie, the better at poly you must be.

Definitely glad not to be poly in their eyes.

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