I have a child in my life who wants to be an adult. I say fine, be an adult. Get a job. Help around the house.

See, I figured it up yesterday. We have five people in this house. Only two bring in any money. One maintains the house, watches kids, cooks… she busts her ass. The child is one of hers. This child throws a tantrum if asked to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She whines. She mopes. She bitches at her mother and treats her mother like yesterday’s dog shit. She thinks she is special because those who would divide our family tell her so. She thinks she is above housework I suppose.

Funny, I was able to go to school and still come home and clean my room and do a chore or two around the house and then do my homework and practice my instrument. Oh, but wait… I didn’t go to a fancy school where I got to preen because I was picked to go there. No, I went to a regular school where regular people went. Guess it helped me grow into an adult who sees the value of being a team player.

See, this child is at that awkward inbetween stage. She wails about not being treated as an adult yet she mawks about as a child. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.

Well, adults in our house have to contribute one way or another. The way I see it is that I pay half of the household expenses. I am going to withdraw 1/3 of that. We shall see if miss princess can pay her own way or if she, like one of those she worships, sits on her ass and lets others do for her. Perhaps she too can learn how to move from family to family using and abusing until she is thrown out by someone who sees her for what she is.

Never bite the hand that feeds you. It may just slap you across the mouth.

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