Like Lucy Says…

Lucy is a favorite blogger of mine. I found her on a search for crochet patterns. Her blog is a dazzling delight of color in words and pictures. I fell in love with her vibrant voice and endearing sense of humor.

She shares so much of her life via pictures and takes her blogging very seriously. I admire her efforts. I am unfailingly charmed by her entries.

Today, she reminded me of something. You see, she’s been away from her blog for a bit. Her husband has been on a different schedule so she’s been hanging out with him doing family things with their three kids. She was discussing how crazy-busy she’s been.

I so identifed with that. When I read this

But a teensy bit of me has missed my own space and company, I’ve had very little time to kind of catch my breath in the past couple of weeks. I think that sometimes when life goes Full Tilt, all you can do is laugh, enjoy the ride and hope you don’t fall and crash. Try to temporarily forget that you’ve no time for hooky, no time to skip in Blogland. Try to ignore the pile of caravan curtains waiting for revamp, the overflowing laundry basket, the growing chaos in the house. Because life is for living and sometimes you have to simply go with the flow, however speedy that flow may be.

I had one of those AH-HA moments. I’ve been whining a bit lately about how my life is going full-tilt-boogie. It’s like I have no time to breathe. I nodded along with Lucy as she shared her thoughts about hoping she didn’t fall and crash. But her last line…that “life is for living and sometimes you have to simply go with the flow, however speedy that flow may be.” Well that one hit me right between the eyes.

Right now I don’t think I’m doing such a clever job of “going with the flow”. I think I’m sitting mid-stream kicking and screaming about how busy I am. Of course, that makes things worse. If I’m not going with the flow, then I’m struggling to change…wait for it…wait for it..WHAT I CAN’T CHANGE!

Yes Siree Bob, ladies and gentlemen and all those in between, I’m telling you that I’m out of my hula hoop without even being aware that I’m out! Argh! So, I decided to pull a card to see what I needed to do so that I could just go with the flow. This isn’t about what can I stop doing (nothing just yet but I’m going to be removing some hats and taking some irons out of some fires very soon). This is about how I can, as Lucy says, just go with the flow.

And interestingly enough, I got the 2 of Fire from the Gaian Tarot. Now that’s intriguing, right? I want to know how to go with the flow and I’m told:

There is a sudden, passionate attraction to a person, idea, cause or project. You must choose to act or not to act on the spark of desire born in the Ace.

Two Fire Gaian Tarot When I look at this card, these people are having fun. They are challenging one another. They are bringing out the flames as a team. I see this as me letting my crazy-busy life challenge and inspire me. Instead of kicking and screaming, I need to be dancing and throwing down with life. Like Lucy says, “Life is for living.” (Yes, I realize that others have said that but for me, I like the alliteration of “like Lucy says, ‘Live is for living.’ so there!)

What about you? What do you do when life gets crazy? And more importantly, how do you know what to cut back on? I guess that’s my next question, isn’t it?

Seek joy, y’all!

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4 thoughts on “Like Lucy Says…”

  1. when it gets that hectic there are only two chores i can keep up with: cleaning up the kitchen and cleaning my office. i have found if these two areas are in chaos, i’m at my worst. worst!

  2. I’m not certain whether to thank you for that link or not, lol… just realized I’ve lost half an hour scrolling through Lucy’s crochet posts but I haven’t made it very far because I’m reading every word and lingering over every pic…. She does have lovely energy, doesn’t she?

  3. Trudy, mine is the kitchen. When it’s cluttered? Oh yes…worst!

    LOL @Cathie. Honey, it’s a darling, lovely brilliant blog. I’m so glad I could hook you on it. HEE>

  4. I was inspired–I made a blog post too, although there isn’t much to blog about, but I figured 13 months, gotta say SOMETHING. *blush* I’ll try to be better about that lol… maybe every six months… ;D

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