Musings on the Fool’s Journey: The Fool Meets The Tower

When we last left our foolish Fool, he’d just met the tempting Devil who offered him the answer to his journey if he would place himself in chains. The Fool refused.

So frightened had he been that he’d run until he’d collapsed facedown in a field of dark green grass dotted with small white flowers. Bees buzzed about him as he panted. His little dog pawed at him with a small whimper. Finally he rolled over. Reaching out a hand, he patted the small canine who shivered at his side.

“I know, little dog. I know. I was so frightened I forgot to ask where we should go next to try to find Will. Do you think we should go on? Maybe the Magician didn’t really know. Maybe he was just trying to send us off so I wouldn’t bother him.”

The little dog gave a sharp yip then nipped the Fool. It was just hard enough to make him jump up with surprise. He stood there looking down at his dog. “You bit me!”

The dog danced away wagging his tail as if it had all been a joke. The Fool stared for a moment rubbing at his arm. Then he laughed. “You are right. I’m being more foolish than normal. The Magician wouldn’t tell me something that wasn’t true. He is a powerful man. I will keep going down this path. I’m bound to meet someone or see something useful.”

So he picked up his stick and hat which he’d lost when he’d flopped into the field. Whistling, he set off at a brisk pace down the wide dirt path. A gentle breeze played against his skin making the sun feel just warm enough. All seemed right with his world.

After an hour, he began to worry that maybe he had been right. Maybe the Magician had lied. As he wrestled with the problem in his head, he failed to notice that ominous rumbling could be heard. It was only when he nearly tripped over his dog that he paused. The dog’s ruff was up as he growled in answer to the booming noise and crashing sounds that came from just over the next rise. The Fool didn’t hesitate.

“Come on. What could be worse than Death and then the Devil? Surely we are due for a turn of better fortune, my friend. Stop your fussing. What could be so bad after what we’ve seen?”

He gave a sharp whistle as he stepped over his dog. Even though the dog tried to tug him back, he shook his leg loose. “Come on! Come on! Time’s a’wastin’.”

Even though his dog continued to try to deter him, the Fool rashly rushed forward. His curiosity drove him to see what was making the noise. There were even occasional bright flashes of light.

When he crested the hill, he stopped so abruptly his dog ran right into him. With a murmured apology, the Fool sat down. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Rider Waite Tower

A tower stood on a very high rocky point. Thunder boomed and lightning flashed. As he watched, a thin, bolt of sizzling lightning hit the tower like an arrow. The sudden impact blew the top off the edifice. He realized that the top looked like a crown.

Then he saw two figures falling. As fire leapt out of the windows, the Fool covered his eyes. “Oh tell me when it is over, little dog. I can’t bear to watch.”

When the screams subsided, he looked up. The ground was clear. The people who had fallen were being mourned. But others were already rebuilding using the same stones.

The tower reappeared swiftly. The Fool knew magic was at work but he was mesmerized. Then he felt the weather change. The clouds gathered up again. Then the thunder started. The wind picked up as the lightning flashed.

With horror, the Fool watched as the entire event repeated itself right down to the rebuilding.

He whispered, “It’s like the Wheel of Fortune, isn’t it? They don’t change what they are doing and it all comes down around them.”

As he sat there, the Tower came down only to be rebuilt three more times. Finally he couldn’t take it any more. He scrambled to his feet calling his dog.

“We have to go on. There must be something more. This can’t be it.”

With a determined gleam, he moved past the sudden tragedy of the Tower to set his feet on the path again.

To be continued…

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  1. Arwen, very entertaining. I am also guilting of slacking on my journey. I must get back to it on my blog soon. I really enjoy the writings, as I’m sure you do.

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