Hoo boy, Arwen is hot under the collar. I think if I drew a card, I’d get the Five of Fire right now. Full on flame-throwing fire-breathing dragon mode.


Hoo boy, “teh Arwen” is hot under the collar. I think if I drew a card, I’d get the Five of Fire right now. Full on flame-throwing fire-breathing dragon mode.

Here is what Joanna Powell Colbert says of this card:

A fire performer spits billowing flames out of his mouth. Twisted faces of gargoyles or maddened creatures form in the smoke and fire.

Divinatory meaning: Anger, rage, fury. Hubris. A dangerous game. The temptation to dominate or have power over others.

Someone is trying to dominate another. And it is making me FURIOUS. You see, a fellow author of erotic romance is being harassed. Ellora’s Cave and Changeling Press author Judy Mays aka Judy Buranich got outed by some twit who says that writing erotic “is unethical, totally unacceptable. Period. It just sort of sickens and saddens me to know everybody’s sort of looking at this like, hey, this is OK.”

So to her I say.. no. Actually to her I say nothing. Her prejudice is not worth responding to. However the fact that the ignorant (insert really uncomplimentary word here, please) suggest Judy was looking at her son in sexual way? LAWSUIT! How dare she accuse this teacher of over 30 years of pedophelia? Lady, them’s fightin’ words. Not to mention plain stupid. Are you sure you graduated high school?

But, I would like all y’all to do me a favor. A couple of them actually.

One, can you go like this Facebook page? And tell all your friends about it as well?

Two, can you buy one of Judy’s books? Here’s the All Romance eBooks page for her.

Three, can you spread the word about this adult bullying?

Yep, I’m outraged. Can you tell? My name is Arwen and I write erotica as Marilu Mann. You can put that in your pipe and smoke it. BAH.

Image courtesy of Joanna Powell Colbert . Click to see full-size version.

6 thoughts on “Tick…Tick…BOOM!”

  1. Love you in fire-breathing dragon mode, Arwen – you go girl! Using puritanical silliness to hound someone is just terrible, and I’m glad to see lots of support for Judy.

  2. I’m with you. Regardless of how I feel about erotica (I own a few erotic decks, but I’m a bit over it, though by no means shocked by it), as Voltaire might have said: “Sir, I detest your opinion, but I defend to the death your right to utter it!”

    Freedom of speech. This person can write what she likes.

  3. As if one person’s shallow opinion should matter? I agree–not worth acknowledging her ignorance!

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