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I walk the dogs a lot. One of them is a puppy who likes to go out frequently. I try to indulge him. We have a small field next to us. Well, okay, so it’s the front sloping lawn of the church. Still it’s lush and green right now. Sort of like life I’ve decided.

Life is a green field dotted with flowers of several types. There are some weeds as well. And, if you live where I live, every now and again, there is a sharp prickly ball of cactus waiting to stab the unwary. I’ve been thinking about a spread that would take on this metaphor of life as a meadow. Laying out cards in my head. Naming positions. None of them really fit what I wanted to say.

Until on this morning’s walk I had one of those “Eureka!” moments. So I’m not Curie. How about a “Eureka” nanosecond? Is that better? Now stick with me. I’m going to walk you through another spread creation.

I wanted the meadow metaphor with all the things in it. I wanted the surprise of the cactus we never expect. Then I also needed some weed cards. So here is what I came up with.

Yeah, I know. The positions aren’t marked. That’s because this is a very different spread.

Here’s the deal. I want you to lay three rows of three cards face down in front of you.

Three of these cards represent home, career, and love. You pick which ones (no fair peeking!)

Write them down:

  • Home:
  • Career:
  • Love:

Now three of these cards represent flowers or friends who are in your life. You pick which ones. The third card is a friend you haven’t met yet or don’t know very well.

  • Friend 1:
  • Friend 2:
  • Friend 3:

The last three cards are weeds and the cactus. Pick the two weeds first. Leave the cactus for last.

  • Weed 1:
  • Weed 2:

Take time as you turn the first 8 cards over. Look at them. See where they fell in the spread. What is next to whom. A friend next to a weed might be the one to help you pull that weed from your life.

Now that last card. Before you turn it over, consider this. A cactus is not always as bad as you think. Even covered with spines the cactus blooms in the most amazing way after a rainstorm. So your cactus may bring unexpected beauty into your life rather than unexpected pain.

  • Cactus

Ok then. Here is my Meadow Musings spread reading for myself. I”m going to use Julie Cuccia-Watts deck, The Ancestral Tarot. Sorry but my laptop and desktop still aren’t conversing. Bad computers! Bad! But I did find a few images on the web.

I don’t have a book for this deck (anyone know where I can find one?) so I’m doing this on my own.

Home: Princess of Sacred Circles shows a native american woman with a child. There is a four colored wheel behind her to the right and a sheaf of corn to the left. She is pregant I think. Her gaze is direct and steady. The child is tucked safely in one arm while her other hand touches her full belly. This is about fertility and growth. Home for me is where I am the most creative. This is true actually. I do the majority of my writing here.

Career: Two of Sacred Circles shows a native american (can’t tell if they are male or female) communing with a drum and a feather. There is a spiral of starry light making the path of the infinity symbol between this person and a large upright bear. The bear, oddly enough, has a similar expression to the Princess of Sacred Circles. I get the impression that this is a balnce between the world of man and the world of spirit. The bear seems to be floating before this person which makes me think it is a spirit bear called on for aid.

And I am struggling at work these days. My day job that is– my other jobs of author and tarot consultant are doing well. But this to me seems to be an indication that I need to focus on what spiritually balances me. I don’t know. I could be reaching on that becuase I very much want to write and read Tarot as a full-time living.

Love: Ace of Staves takes us to the hot desert lands of Egypt. The Ancestral Path Tarot has a different pantheon/culture for each of the suits. Here we see a sphinx looming before the pyramids with a small bowl of flame in the left foreground. Thrusting up from the bottom right and going nearly all the way across the card is a staff with an ankh at the top.

I see here a bursting forth of passion. The ankh represents eternal life (I think… not an Egyptian follower so my knowledge is sketchy and I am not stopping the reading to do research, grin.) Sphinx is that riddler and wisdom gatherer so perhaps this is saying that love is a riddle but it is coming? Again, I could be reaching.

Friend 1: The Devil for a friend? Well then! Here we see two figures… a black man standing upright with his arms crossed defiantly and his back to the devil. The other figure, a white or asian female, is huddled away from him–closer to the devil actually–with her head down on her arms. A scary face seems to laugh in the background. So I have a friend who has some addictions and may feel pulled in two directions. I think I know who this is.

Friend 2: The Heirophant is a Greek motif. A woman sits between two pillars (one is light the other dark making me think of the High Priestss very strongly). Before her a woman offers a man a bowl. There is smoke coming out of the bowl. Now I do have a background in Greco-Roman mythos so I immediately see this at the Pythia–the Oracle of Delphi. This friend is the one I go to for wisdom and advice. I give them a lot of control in my world even if they don’t ask for it. Again, I feel that I do know who this is.

Friend 3: The World is a simple card. If I were reviewing this deck, I might be tempted to say that the artist took the easy way out. The beautiful blue and brown and white Earth sits amid a starry field–not a WOW image but on the other hand, this is one of those sights that we forget sometimes. We are all on the same world. We are all a part of this spinning ball of rock and gas. But who is this friend? I will have to keep my eyes open for this person because I have no clue!

And isn’t it odd that all three friends were Major Arcana cards?

Weed 1: Judgment is a weed I am very familiar with. Here we see a woman being pulled up through a square that is like a mirror. She is being transformed here somehow. Beneath her is her bed. She must have died and is going to the next level. Ascension. Lately I’ve been thinking about how harshly I judge myself. Perhaps if I can pull that weed, I might be able to ascend to that next level.

Weed 2: Ace of Cups is a typica ace of cups. A chalice floats on water with water being poured in while water pours out. A whale (humpback I think) leaps in the background and the sky looks like the sun is setting (might be rising… what does it say that I see it setting?). This is my weed of love and emotional overflow. I need to realize that I am an emotional person and let myself flow. By damming it up, I cause more problems.

Cactus: (I did not turn this card over until just now and I am VERY surprised by it) Looks like my cactus is one with flowers and spines! I have the Wheel of Fortune in the unexpected spot. Things are turning and moving and something big is about to happen. I don’t know what it is, but it’s going to be huge. This card shows the sun with the planets circling. Very much about cycles and I get the feeling that something is already in motion. But what is it?

Well, I hope you enjoyed another foray through the birth of a Tarot spread. If you try this spread out, feel free to share it here in the comments. I’d love to see what you come up with. I’ll do my best to try to comment on all of them.

I keep thinking I need a card to represent the gardener, myself. What do y’all think?

Thanks for following and liking me!

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