And Then There Were Six

I haven’t done this before but I’ve threatened to so don’t say you haven’t been warned. I’m doing a follow-up to my Season 10 predictions post. And I’m not happy about what it says about my personal favorite, Scotty!

I haven’t done this before but I’ve threatened to so don’t say you haven’t been warned. I’m doing a follow-up to my Season 10 predictions post.

On that post, I said that Jacob, Scotty, Lauren and James would be in the top four. They are in the top six. Last year two of my top four predictions were already gone.

I did another reading on these six. And I’m not happy about the results.

High Priestess Gaian TarotCasey got the 9 of Earth on my first reading. This time our Wilmette, IL boy gets the mysterious High Priestess. I see this as an older woman mentoring Casey and giving him something he needs for this competition. In this card she holds a pomegranite which makes me think he may have to really get juicy and try something he wouldn’t normally do. I think one of his issues has been not branching out just a bit. The message of the High Priestess, though, is that if you can’t find what you are looking for inside yourself, you are never going to find out outside of yourself. So maybe he does need to keep on doing his upright bass, jazz thing. Sadly, he was the first of the six to be voted off. 4/28/2011

Seven Air Gaian TarotLauren Alaina got Strength. This time our country girl from Rossville, GA gets the 7 of Air. She is focused on the goal. She has a plan on how to get where she is going. There are several paths showing her so I think we may see little miss country get a little rock and roll or maybe blues it up a bit. The Seven of Air is also a cautionary card here. I see it as Lauren needing to put down the map and just enjoy the journey a bit more. She may be over-focused.

Ace Water Gaian TarotJames Durbin got the Sun. This time the Santa Cruz rocker gets the Ace of Water. Love this card for him. It’s about emotional opening and a bit of risk-taking. We really haven’t seen that much from James outside of the rock genre. This may be him tackling some ballad like “Beth” or “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” perhaps. This is a great card for him in that he shows he is learning to trust that the love he is getting is very very real.

Six Earth Gaian TarotJacob Lusk got the Lovers. This time the man from Compton, CA gets the Six of Earth. Interestingly enough, Pia Toscano got this card in my first reading. This is about paying dues. It’s about community support with a strong emphasis on generosity. He may need to pay a bit more attention to the idea that what you put out comes back. This card always makes me think of the emotional strings some gifts come with.

Scotty McCreery, my personal favorite, got the 10 of Fire. This time my Garner, NC boy gets Lightning which is traditionally the Tower. Oh no! Scotty, I love you but this card talks about unexpected changes coming your way. This, with the 10 of Fire, makes me think Scotty has got to change something HUGE in what he is doing. And I don’t see him doing that since he’s spoken very firmly about his wanting to stay true to himself. Still, no matter what, I do think I’ll be buying a Scotty record in the near future.

Canoe Gaian TarotAnd last, simply due to the alphabet, Haley Reinhart got the Explorer of Air. This time, the Wheeling, IL young lady gets the Canoe which is the Chariot in most decks. A determined young man drives his vehicle through the water. He is accompanied by two orca, one eagle and a salmon. Haley has a drive that the others may not be aware of. Her goal is to master her art so that she can win. I’m a bit surprised to see this card for her, but it’s an interesting second card to the Explorer of Air. She’s moved from seeing how high she can climb to knowing she’s just got to focus and keep moving forward.

When I look at these cards, I will change my final four from Jacob, Scotty, James and Lauren to Haley, Lauren, James and Casey. Sadly I think Scotty’s Tower card will be his unexpected failure while Jacob is going to learn a lesson about community.

I’ll update this as people are voted off. I might do another one for the last four. We shall see.

What are you predictions? C’mon! Pull some cards and share. Who cares if you are right or wrong. This is just for fun.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with American Idol. I’m just a fan who also happens to be a professional Tarot consultant. I’m not trying to make a buck or make a name for myself. I just enjoy doing this.

Images from The Gaian Tarot. You can pre-order The Gaian Tarot today from Amazon.

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