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The World by Esscentual Alchemy

A Review

I have a nose for Tarot. And so does Amanda Feeley over at Esscentual Alchemy. We met through our mutual love for Joanna Powell Colbert and the Gaian Tarot. Amanda mentioned that she was blending some scents for the Gaian. I raised my hand (or did I poke my nose in?) to offer to sniff and blab.

So I got six little bottles today. I’m going to do each one individually. I started with the World. I chose this very scientifically. I closed my eyes and grabbed.

So my first sniff is always just taking the cap off and letting the scent waft up. I love the word “waft”. It’s just so airy-fairy how could you not love it?

honeyAnyway, honey. No, I’m not calling you honey although I might since I am indoctrinated in the casual camaraderie that is the Deep South. In this case, honey is the first thing I smelled. Then my brain shouted “SUMMER!”

My brain, she is loud some days.

Wrist SnifferMy nose processes in weird ways. This first sniff gave me honey and mustard and vanilla and summer and hot dogs and happiness. I know. Mustard? That’s what my nose processed this slight hint of spice as. I’m sure it’s not mustard, okay? I’m sure a more sophisticated nose would sniff haughtily at me. (Haughty. Another word that I just love the sound of.  Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photo is of my haughty hottie princess Nayru–so named by her aunt Leah and uncle Conner who frequently entertain her at Camp Bloofy.)

Then I put it on my skin. First was a bit fruity like sweet, sun-ripened strawberries or maybe peaches. Faded out to a warm brown-sugary sweetness. Finally the scent that seemed to linger was a bit of summer grass–freshly mown. And maybe, just maybe a tiny hint of cinnamon–or is that mustard?

The World Gaian Tarot Joanna Powell ColbertOverall, this scent comes across sweet. I can see it so easily as the Gaian World which shows a white haired woman tenderly holding the Earth with prayer flags flying. It holds the promise of what the World card offers in a reading. All good things if you indulge in being at peace with your world.

After an hour or so, there is still a lovely, warm scent. This is a lingering spicy honey fragrance that I find very soothing. Two hours and it’s still hanging in there like a bumblebee dancing around a sunflower. Honey is what my nose “sees”.

Bottom line: Would I wear this? Yes, I would. I am loving the happy feeling I get from sniffing my wrists. Not to mention the looks from my co-workers that are making me laugh as well.

Would I use this to meditate on this card? Absolutely. I think it opened me up to seeing this card in some new ways. It connected me to the feeling of the World card that I missed before.

Get your own from Amanda by going to Esscentual Alchemy. I’ll be savoring this one for a while.

OH! You can pre-order the mass-market version of the Gaian Tarot. It’s one of my two preferred reading decks.

2 thoughts on “The Tarot Nose”

  1. Arwen,

    I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful and generous words about my perfume!

    It means a great deal to me to hear that it helped you find new ways to see and “hear” the card. I look forward to reading what you have to say about The Hermit and The Builder. 😀

    Many Blessings,

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