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My family has always accused me of being a magazine addict. It’s true. I love magazines for their articles because I can satisfy my need to read in a fast small bite. If I am reading a book, a good story will hook me so that I can’t put it down until the last chapter. That’s not so bad when you read as fast I read, but still… it’s nice to be able to read something that is not going to make me lose too much time.

I’ve whittled my addiction in print magazines down only to be lured by the siren song of the blog. There are blogs on every conceivable topic. Like freebies? Visit my friend Barb Webb’s site where she posts tons of deals as well as fun blogs (including a recent guest blog from Marilu Mann). What’s a blog? Here’s one definition:

A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.

A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person’s life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people.

For me, blogs have taken the place of magazines. I utilize the Google Reader which lets me subscribe to the blogs I enjoy. Each day (ok several times a day) I can check the Reader to see which blogs have fresh content. It feeds my addiction. I can find fast reads that offer me either information, humor, visual art, debate, personal insight, political views or on a really good day–all of that.

What makes me subscribe to a blog is less important that what makes me unsubscribe. Is the blogs updated once in a blue moon? Does the owner not pay attention to coherent writing skills? Is the blog simply a vehicle for drama mongering? Watch me hit the “unsubscribe” link so fast it will make your monitor spin! Particularly poor writing is my biggest personal bugbear. I can’t stomach it. I recently read a group blog where one entry was so bad I nearly unsubbed from the entire blog. I talked myself out of it because the other bloggers are so entertaining.

Google Reader allows me to sort my blogs. I have three local news feeds in my News folder. I can check up on Austin, Denver, or Monroe headlines with the click of a mouse. Because I am a professional writer, I have various writing blogs lined up in the Writing folder. At some point I will split that out into Friends, Reviews, and Other so I can organize my time more effectively.

Then there is my Tarot folder. Currently I have twelve blogs in my reader (not including my podcast and this blog). Some are daily card draws while others are art blogs where various cards are shared in developing Tarot decks. My favorites are the ones that go into subjects that use the Tarot as launching points for other discussions.

Want to peek over my shoulder and see who I read?

In no particular order:

1. Lupa’s Astrology and Tarot including podcasts. Updates on Lupa’s video Tarot chats.
2. Joanna Powell Colbert’s mixed bag with art and reflections on Tarot and more.
3. Julie Cuccia-Watts infrequent but fun
4. Ginny Hunt infrequent but in-depth
5. Mary K Greer – see my earlier review
6. Chris Butler‘s Tarot Art Blog with gorgeous cards
7. Kiki does a daily card draw
8. Beth has a lovely blog that shares so much.
9. Mark McElroy hosts this group blog where you never know what you are going to find
10. Leisa Refalo posts extensive show notes on her very popular Tarot podcast
11. Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card A Day

I’m planning on reviewing each of these blogs as part of my own blog. I like to share what I find out on the web. I know there are blogs out there that I am missing. Won’t you leave me a comment telling me about your favorite blog or your own blog? Or just leave me a comment telling me you stopped by?

Thanks for following and liking me!

Author: TarotByArwen

Arwen is the editor-in-chief and owner of The Cartomancer. This print and digital magazine is devoted to divination. You can learn more here: Arwen is also the author of The Fairy Tale Lenormand, Secrets of the Mystic Grove, Bianca Niero Tarot and more (all USGamesInc publications.) As the past president of the American Tarot Association (2007-2014), Arwen worked with an actively engaged board to rekindle that organization. Her true calling is as a Professional Joy Seeker. She co-creates with her clients to help them find their joy again. "Seek joy, y'all" is her motto.

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  1. Thanks for the link! Sorry I deleted the first comment by mistake. Wanted to edit it to say this is Lupa. 🙂

  2. Wow! Thanks for the link – I am really honored! And thanks for these other blogs to now add to my addictions! 🙂
    – Beth

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