DECK REVIEW: Fradella Adventure Tarot

Fradella Adventure Tarot
By J P Dupras & Frank Fradella
Tarot Deck – 78 Cards – Published by US Games 2002

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Frank Fradella takes his iHero Universe to the realm of the mysterious Tarot. And basically blows a hole in the darn thing! If you like comic book action heroes along the lines of the X-Men and the new Batman, you will enjoy this deck.

The colors are bright leaping out at you to get your attention. You can depend on this deck to bring a new flair to your readings. I use it when reading in public.

Drawbacks are some of the associations if you are not weaned off the RWS symbology. For the most part, a good 85% or better, the symbology is right on target. Here and there though, the deck simply misses the boat.

Then there are the cards that are so on target they take your breath away. Fradella and his collaborator have interpreted the Chariot as a huge man on a motorcycle. The bike is roaring off the card at you and the rider has two guns out and blazing. He has taken charge and you need to move or jump on. Your choice.

Presently I own three sets of this deck. I wore the first one out. The stock, in my opinion, could have been a bit sturdier, but I was using them every day. Now I have a second set that I carry with me as one of my purse decks and the other is on a shelf waiting for when the second deck wears out. You can trust me on this. I will always have a back-up of this deck.

One of my top ten favorite decks to read with, the Frank Fradella Adventure deck is worth every penny. I do recommend getting the book as well because each character’s story is told in the book. You will meet the Swan as the Heirophant, Insomniac as the Hanged Man and more. Come with me and journey into a new version of the Tarot that is guaranteed to delight you.

I’m curious about you! What decks do you love? What decks would you like to see a review on? I have nearly 100 decks so maybe I have the one you’d like to learn more about.

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