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I know, I know…. Why should I tout other tarotist blogs here? Well because I like to share great finds. To me an engaging blog is one that makes me come back to it time and time again. I’m not so much about controversy as I am finding other writers who love to talk about the tarot. One of these blogs is Mary K. Greer’s WordPress blog creatively titled “Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog”. Often referred to by just her initials in the Tarot world, MKG delivers in her blog.

If you read a blog for pedantic thought that just regurgitates old stale information, do not read MKG’s blog. She talks about Jung in one entry dated March 31, 2008 where she says,

“Though not a direct focus of his energies, Carl Jung, nevertheless, recognized tarot as depicting archetypes of transformation like those he had found in myths, dreams and alchemy, and as having divinatory characteristics similar to the I-Ching and astrology. “

The entire post delivers her insights as well as quotes from other Jungian enthusiasts. I learned things I never knew about Carl C Jung from MKG. I encourage any student of Tarot to comb through MKG’s blog. If I could make one change, I’d change the tag system that is apparently automatically generated by WordPress. As an avid reader of blogs, I really like tags as a way of finding related posts.

MKG is a frequent blogger which is the only way to keep readers engaged. Her post for Friday May 9, 2008 shares an in-depth look or “A wonderful way to create spreads is to adapt a self-help process that you especially like to a spread.” The spread she shares is one she created from a quote from Dante’s “Inferno”. I plan on utilizing the spread myself. I have a passion for spreads that focus my self-awareness.

A new blog, Mary K. Greer started blogging on October 11, 2007. That’s an interesting day for me personally because it was a very important anniversary with a significant other. The second post comes five days later with her insightful commentary on how Tarot relates to “The Secret” as well as sharing the much-needed information that the so-called secret has been around for quite some time now.

I highly recommend tuning into MKG’s blog. You can find tarot tips, card meanings and even knitted tarot bags as Mary K shares another passion of hers. The bags are gorgeous and have me hankering to go grab my needles and cast on some yarn.

I’d love your recommendations for other Tarot blogs that you enjoy.

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