American Idol Season 10 Predictions

In 2009, I started doing my predictions for the top 10 on American Idol. In my first post on this, I predicted “We may have a dark horse here” about winner Kris Allen. You can see all of my predictions here.

In 2010,though, I got the Death card for winner, Lee Dewyze. I said, “It means that he is going to have to change and in some fairly significant ways.” You can see all of my Season 9 predictions here.

Now on to 2011 and season 10. By the way? I blame this addiction on my friend, Conner. It’s all his fault that I got hooked! I do admit to DVRing the shows. I watch all the performances and then ZOOM to the announcent end. I work a swing shift which means I can’t vote for my favorites.

In alphabetical order, here are the contestants and the cards I pulled for each one.

9 of Earth Gaian TarotCasey Abrams (Wilmette IL) Follow Casey on Twitter. Casey gets the 9 of Earth. This card shows Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of the Gaian Tarot, standing in a gorgeous field of lavender. She is smiling. The sense of relaxation is palpable. This card is a lovely card but it concerns me because it may show that Casey is going to get too relaxed too fast. They’ve already used their one save on him. I hope he realizes that there is still a lot of growth left. This card makes me think he will rest on his laurels. Coasting will not get him to the top.

Builder Gaian TarotNaima AdedapoVoted off 3/31/2011(Milwaukee, WI) Follow Naima on Twitter. Now Naima gets the Emperor who is the caretaker. He reminds her to pay attention to all the details if she would succeed. His focus is on family and home. I hope her own pull to her children doesn’t distract her from her goals. She may succeed with the Emperor by her side, but this could also indicate that something may call her home. I’m torn on this one because I do like her energy. I just don’t get a good feeling here.

Strength Gaian TarotLauren Alaina (Rossville, GA) Follow Lauren on Twitter. Oh here is one of my personal faves. Who doesn’t like this bundle of sunshine with that awesome country sound? Strength is her card. We see a woman calmly embracing a lion. The sun is full behind her head. This card indicates that Lauren will be a very strong contender. Without seeing the other cards, I think she will be in the final four.

Sun Gaian TarotJames Durbin (Santa Cruz, CA) Follow James on Twitter. Who can’t cheer on James who suffers from Tourette’s? His story amazes me. The Sun is about family and joy and health. I see this as a very good card for him. I just want to make sure he gets enough rest. There is a fear of burning out when the Sun falls this way.

Fool Gaian TarotStefano Langone (Kent, WA) Follow Stefano on Twitter. The Fool for young ‘Fano. He’s such a cutie pie, isn’t he? But this card indicates that he is still trying to find his way and his voice. The Fool is at the beginning of an amazing journey, but there are so many things to tempt him from the path. I worry that he will fall into a pattern of taking the wrong kind of risks. If he does, he will fail.Voted off 4/21/2010

Lovers Gaian TarotJacob Lusk (Compton, CA) Follow Jacob on Twitter. The Lovers for Jacob is an interesting card. It indicates a spiritual love which I think he’s shown quite a bit already. His calling is of a higher path, I think. This card indicates that he will be well liked by the Idol audience. I think this shows that he may surprise us by sticking in there to the later part of the show.

10 of Fire Gaian Tarot

Scotty McCreery (Garner, NC) Follow Scotty on Twitter. Well the 10 of Fire is a hard card for my favorite season 10 performer. I can see this in two ways. The positive “I heart Scotty” me says he will set the contest ON FIRE and burn it up as he wins. But, there is a concern here that he may burn his own bridges by not being able to flex out of his country groove. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve only bought one Idol song so far. It was Scotty’s version of “For Once In My Life.” Even if this card does show him burning out, I can only hope Nashvill will jump on him like a hot potato.

Chariot Gaian TarotPaul McDonald (Huntsville, AL) Follow Paul on Twitter. Hmmm, Paul, the slightly unconventional dancer, gets the Canoe. This is a determined card. I feel that he will advance his career by focusing on what it is that he wants. This is the card of Cancer though which does indicate a pull towards the familiar. Can Paul step out of his box enough to master this contest? (Voted off 4/14/2010)

Explorer of Water Gaian TarotThia Megia (Hayward, CA) Follow Thia on Twitter. Thia, little pretty Thia gets the Explorer of Water. Here is someone learning to surf by hanging it all out there. She must continue to throw her heart forward. The dolphin is a reminder for her to play a bit more. We need to see some of the child as well as the young woman. She would do well to “hang loose” like our surfer knight. Still, I don’t think this shows her in the top four. I fear she will let emotions overcome her. Voted off 3/31/2011

Explorer of AirHaley Reinhart (Wheeling, IL) Follow Haley on Twitter. And another Explorer, this one of Air, for another pretty young lady. Haley has shown us that she can deliver a performance. This knight, though? This knight tells me that she will get stuck in her head. It may be that others will play head games with her as well. Can she withstand the pecking and gossip that will come with being in the limelight?

6 of EarthPia Toscano (Howard Beach, NY) Follow Pia on Twitter. Now our last contestant gets the card of generosity, the 6 of Earth. This shows someone paying for something received. Does this mean Pia needs to pay her dues? Does she need to hire a coach? This is such a middle-of-the-road card for me. Will Pia not deliver the stand-out, “sneaker-wearing” performance she needs to? Voted off 4/7/2011

When I look back at these eleven cards, I am going to say the final four will be Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery and Jacob Lusk. This year, I’m going to try to post weekly updates and may pull clarifying cards. We will see. 🙂 Comment and let me know who you are pulling for.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with American Idol. I’m just a fan who also happens to be a professional Tarot consultant. I’m not trying to make a buck or make a name for myself. I just enjoy doing this.

Images from The Gaian Tarot. Click an image to go to the Gaian Tarot page where you can view all of these gorgeous cards. And look for it this fall from Llewellyn!

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  1. Fantastic. I’m going to try my hand at this too. I’ll let you know if I’m close. Thanks for putting some fun in my day. 🙂

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