March 2011 Tarotscopes

Cunning Man Waking the Wild SpiritHey it’s March and you know what that means, right? It’s my BIRTHDAY! I turn 50 this year. To celebrate, I’m offering 25% off any reading for the entire month. Just email me. Tell me which reading you want. I’ll invoice you at the 25% off amount. Pricing is good until 3/31 and you have until May 1 to redeem your reading. Fair?

I’m reading with a very unusual deck this month. It’s the Waking The Wild Spirit Tarot. I love the fey energy of this deck.

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Image: Cunning Man by Poppy Palin

5 thoughts on “March 2011 Tarotscopes”

  1. Happy Birthday!! The 50’s are a woman’s secret blessing, if allowed. You become the you you could have been all along if you’d never worried about personal have tos and must dos. Embrace it 🙂


  2. Happy birthday month! ^_^ I’m heading to the nola conference in a few days, so I’ve got to hear what my tarotscope has to say. *nail biting*

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