February 2011 Tarotscopes

Elder of Air Gaian Tarot

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Welcome to February 2011’s Tarotscopes podcast. We had a ton of Air and Earth this month–five each to be exact. Only two Major Arcana showed up. What did your sign get? Which Air court card failed to make an appearance? Come have a listen. Leave a comment if you want to chat about this month’s Tarotscopes. My new intro uses music by Slainte.

MUSIC ATTRIBUTION: The Butterfly. Kid on the Mountain (Sl\xe1inte) / CC BY-SA 3.0
    This month’s cards:

  • Aq 2 Air
  • Pic Justice
  • Ari 7 Earth
  • Tau 5 Earth
  • Gem 10 Earth
  • Can Explorer Air
  • Leo 4 Earth
  • Vir Child of Air
  • Lib Elder of Air
  • Sco Gardener
  • Sag Child of Earth
  • Cap Ace of Air

Image used: Elder Of Air from the Gaian Tarot LE by Joanna Powell Colbert. Published Fall 2011 from Llewellyn Publishing.

ALERT: I will be redoing the 1st 4 minutes. Sorry Aquarians. It’s nearly impossible to hear your ‘scope. 🙁

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