Character Reading: Mozelle “Mouse” Vincent

Today’s reading is for Libran, Mozelle “Mouse” Vincent. She’s the heroine of Francesca Hawley’s hot new BDSM romance from Ellora’s Cave. Part of the 1-800-DOMhelp series,Controlling Interest takes Mouse on a very sexy journey. I had the opportunity to do a reading for Mouse. Enjoy!

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Justice1. How do you see the people around you?

You isolate yourself from others because you feel that you need to be fair. You see them as entanglements that would distract you from your own personal goals.

There is something about a legal matter that is making you get involved even though you don’t want to. You are very much a Libra, aren’t you, Mouse? Everything for you needs to be balanced to be right.

Mouse’s Response:

Legal matter. That’s for damn sure and Torin Stuart is a complication I just don’t need. But when his mother, my former boss, willed me her half of Erotically Bound, I was pulled into direct conflict with Tor. We’ve always struck sparks off each other but now, it’s not just fireworks…it’s like a nuclear meltdown.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

Always worried about the bottom line is how they see you. Never tempted by physical pleasure although they might be wrong there. This is the card of someone who is seen as a bit of a numbers cruncher.

They don’t see the playful side of you because you are so focused on work and money. You are tied to something and may not want to be tied. Remember to stop and smell the roses in your workaholic life.

Mouse’s Response:

Money has always been tight, so it was the bottom line for me for a very long time. When I began to work for Regine Stuart, I was pleased to find a strong focus and someone who appreciated my efforts.

As to being tied…you know. I think I’d kind of like that. A lot. LOL

3. What is your most important goal?

Right now you see it as setting boundaries and making sure someone doesn’t get too close to you. You are passionate but have a lot of walls up right now.

Try to remember to leave a gate in your self-imposed walls, Mouse. Otherwise someone may just knock them down around you. This goal of yours…it’s to show someone else that you can make this dream happen, isn’t it?

Mouse’s Response:

Yes, I want to prove to Tor that I can handle being his partner. His business partner that is. The other…well, that’s a dream. If I have walls up, it’s just to keep my strength focused and to keep from being hurt. I want Tor to acknowledge that it wasn’t a mistake for Regine to will her interest in the club to me. I’m not sure he will though…

4. Where do you get your strength from?

You are a Libra so this card is no surprise to me. You need balance. The more in balance you are, the stronger you are.

There is a surprise here in that you are blindfolded. You may discover new compelling secrets about yourself just by closing off one of your senses. How much more deeply do we feel when we cannot see?

Mouse’s Response:

Okay, this is just getting spooky. I do like to keep my life in balance. My world on an even keel. When my equilibrium gets off, crazy things can happen. And…um…blindfolds are just sexy. Yeah, that’s right.

5.Why do you want to be remembered?

You are a true giver. You want to be remembered for making other people’s dreams come true. You are a bit of a Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island, I see.

You love offering others emotional gifts. You truly desire their happiness first. And, if the truth be known, you get a lot of enjoyment out of their happiness.
Mouse’s Response:

This is right on. One of my greatest pleasures was to be a good assistant to Regine Stuart. At the end of her life, I was able to protect her from people who would have wanted to hurt her or use her. Making her last months happier and easier was me living up to my greatest good. I’d like to help Tor too, if he’ll just let me in. I can be his biggest ally and I’d really like to be even more.

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