Character Reading: William of Ravenglas

This reading today is for Keena Kincaid’s hero, William of Ravenglas. William is a medieval hero. His story, ENTHRALLED, has some light paranormal elements. Keena writes for The Wild Rose Press.

From Keena’s bio:

When not working or writing romance, Keena regales her niece and nephews with stories of quick-thinking ladies, mathematically challenged knights, and ill-mannered dragons that chew with their mouths open.

Now come see what William has to say about his reading. I think he gave good, strong answers as well.

1. How do you see the people around you?

You take responsibility for them. This is the King of Wands which tells me you may not be the actual ruler, but your actions are those of a king who cares for those around him.

You also seem to be foreign to those around you. Perhaps you come from a different climate or country. Maybe your clan is not theirs. While you may stick out among them, still you lead them, William.

You also see a gap between you and them. Heavy is the head that wears the crown might have meaning for you. Even when that crown is not really there?

William’s Response:

Your skills intrigue me. I am a Saxon surrounded by Normans in King Henry II’s court. ‘Tis a precarious position, one easily lost.

However, I do not lead anyone, and please do not say that or mention crowns before the king. Or the queen. People assume being her favorite is my good fortune, but it may get me killed before this is over.

I am protective, though. I know how this court works and how easy ’tis to stumble into danger. I do my best to protect others.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

What an interesting card for how they see you. This is the Queen of Cups and is traditionally someone who is seen as a counselor and a healer. There is some part of you that others see as safe. You may play the role of priest and healer for some in your realm.

There is a woman who may have this as well. She may see things in you that you don’t want to be seen. Her sight could endanger your role as king or king’s representative.

William’s Response: Ah, you are speaking of Ami. In truth, she is the other half of my soul. Just being near her soothes my heart.

She also speaks truth, which could be why you see a counselor, but you and I both know how dangerous the truth can be.

Worse, her tongue is also sharp and sometimes bitter. She has yet to learn how to wrap her words in softness.

I wish she were not at Castle Carlisle. The king sent me here to complete a task. The peace of the kingdom depends on me, and all I can think of is Ami.

3. What is your most important goal?

You want to be successful. Your drive is to make enough in wealth to never have to want again. There is a bit of the “gentleman farmer” in you as well. You may avoid that need, but I think you like the idea of settling down and raising crops (human and otherwise.)

The Seeker (Knight) of Pentacles is a man whose goal is to succeed in business but in life in general. Whatever you see as “correct” is what you want.

I would challenge you to re-evaluate what is correct. Who did you learn that from? Was it the right message to come away with? Sometimes this card reveals a man who is stubborn for all the wrong reasons.

William’s Response:

You have a gift, my lady. If God were to grant me a miracle, I would have naught to do with war or queens or crowns. I would wed Ami, return to Ravenglas, dredge the harbor and make my quiet corner of England prosperous.

But that is not my fate.

My family relies on me to restore us to the wealth and power that should be our birthright.

My family abased itself after William the Bastard defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. The only reason we held onto this crumb of our vast holdings is because my grandfather was an infant in 1066. Neither he nor his descendents have stepped out of line in a hundred years.

Now is the time to restore my family to greatness and the task falls to me.

4. Where do you get your strength from?

The Five of Pentacles is the card I call the Little Match Girl. I see a deep desire in you to never let those in your care go without.

You would beggar yourself before they went hungry or without shelter. You drive yourself based on the need to take care of your flock, don’t you, William?

William’s Response: *rubs the back of his neck* Have you been talking to Ami? She should not talk to others about a family matter.

I know she is furious with me, but I cannot wed her. If I do, I forfeit Ravenglas.

The people who live there and rely on my family will suffer.

Worse, she will suffer. I could always become a free lance, making my way as a mercenary, or win money in the tournaments. But what would Ami do if we have no home? ‘Tis different for women. The world is dangerous and with her beauty…no, I love her too much to do that to her.

5. Why do you want to be remembered?

What a lovely card we have here. The Maypole dancers celebrate life and fertility. This is the card of establishing lines of descendents as well as foundations that will last.

This is about you wanting to be remembered as a man who did what he said he would do. You may go about achieving your goals in unorthodox ways, but you just want to establish your lineage.

This is more than a man who wants a son to carry his name into history. This is about creating permanent fixtures that will stand the test of time.
William’s Response: ‘Tis a lovely thought, is it not? To have a wife, sire sons, and build a name that will last. ‘Tis a sweet dream, but it would only have meaning if Ami were a part of it.

Thank you for your counsel, my lady. I fear judgment is coming for my sins. If I survive the reckoning and manage to stop treason without dying, I may allow myself to have this dream.

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6 thoughts on “Character Reading: William of Ravenglas”

  1. Arwen,
    I’ve been unexpectedly off the grid the last day+ so posting my thank you has been delayed. I’m thrilled with this reading–and William keeps demanding to know how you knew so much about him 😉

    Thanks so much for doing this reading.


  2. Hi Arwen and Keena,

    I very much enjoyed the character reading for William. I’ve read the book and you totally nailed his personality. That’s really something.

    This is a great book, folks. Keena’s writing just transports you to another world, in a way that makes you want to linger there.


  3. Good morning, Keena–very interesting and very clever. Your writing is so unique, I’m in awe.
    Tarot readings? A little over my head, but I enjoyed the insight into William. Good luck with your novel! Celia

  4. Arwen, I am trying to guess how you came up with the hero’s character. Just drawing some cards? WOW. Keena’s story is great and her charcaters enthralling. I highly recommend it.

  5. Congratulations, Celia! You are the winner! Please email me your address.

    Mona, I do it just like I would with a real person. It’s a lot of fun. Let’s do it for your next release! Email me.

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