SPREAD: James Wells Bias Spread

Saturday I visited James Wells blog. I did not mention this spread because I wanted to do it and share it here. I found this on Evolutionary Tarot. He did his own and encouraged others to try it out for themselves as well. Here is my reading for myself.

I did this with the World Spirit Tarot. It was a very interesting spread. I am quivering at the edge of something big here and I don’t know how to take that final step. Thanks for this spread, James. Good one!

James Wells Bias Spread

5 of Pentacles World Spirit Tarot1. What is my most deeply ingrained negative bias at this time?

5 of Pentacles. Wow. That’s scary how accurate that is. I don’t believe I can actually make a living at this right now. I don’t believe I can help others. I fear I am stuck in my own Little Matchgirl world.

Ace of Swords World Spirit Tarot2. What is my most deeply ingrained positive bias at this time?

Ace of Swords. I truly understand how the Tarot can offer slicing, biting, insightful information. I see how it can help people jumpstart themselves and create new ways of thinking. And the Ace of Swords is significant to me in its meaning of new mental projects like books. LOL

8 or Wands World Spirit Tarot3. How can I become and remain as unbiased as possible while offering a tarot consultation?

8 of Wands. This is a bit tricky for me because I can see it on several levels. I need to take the journey with my clients rather than send them on their way alone. I need to motivate them more for them to really launch themselves.

What did I learn? That I need to let go of my fear of not being able to help others and trust that I am helping. And also to be more fully engaged in the journey we take as a team. I must relinquish my buy-in of fear as a commodity in my life. By doing that I paralyze my own growth.

Part of what I did to address this is to sign up for an Abundant Practice workshop. If I follow my dream, I can achieve great things. What is your dream? What defines “great things” in your world?

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