Art Of The Lie, by Delphine DrydenToday, I do a reading for Delphine Dryden‘s contemporary hero, Richard. Richard and Lindy are her characters from her Truth And Lies series. These contemporary erotic romances will tickle your fancy. Make sure you look for The Art Of The Lie available now from Ellora’s Cave.

From her bio:

After earning two graduate degrees, practicing law awhile, and then working for the public school system for over ten years, Delphine finally got a clue. She tossed all that aside and started doing what she should have been doing all along, writing novels! In hindsight she could see the decision was a no-brainer. Because which sounds like more fun? Being a lawyer/special educator/reading specialist/educational diagnostician…or writing spicy romances?

1. How do you see the people around you?

There is a sense of nostalgia in how you view others. You want them to keep their sense of innocence in how they view the world. You may be an artist or convey beauty to others in unique ways.

You also see others as having what you don’t have in terms of a relationship that has a basis in friendship. There’s something missing in your world and you see it in others all the time. This could be a bit hard for you at times, Richard. 

Richard’s Response:

I think I wasn’t paying attention to the right things in college. I mean I learned about art, and I learned about English Literature and history and chemistry, all the usual crap. But at the end of it, I noticed everybody was hooking up. There were all these weddings. I had slept with all the girls who were willing, and I thought that was great…but somehow it seemed like I’d missed some class in how to have a real relationship. I hardly even remembered the names of all the girls I’d been with. Some of these guys were getting married to the first girl they’d nailed…but you know, they seemed pretty damn happy.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

They see you as someone who thinks things through. Perhaps in the past you had a reputation of jumping into (or out of?) things without thinking. Now you are proving that you can be cautious and level-headed.

Folks also see that you tend to step back to observe what is going on. You are a learner of human nature. I think that you have chosen this role very intentionally. You learn so you can teach.
Richard’s Response:
Lindy probably sees me as overthinking things right now. God knows I used to just jump in. But then I jumped into a relationship with the wrong person, and look where that got me. I wanted to try to make it work, for once. A year later I’m alone, depressed, I haven’t done any artwork in months. Teach? I don’t think I’m qualified. But learning, yeah. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. About myself, mostly.

3. What is your most important goal?

The King of Wands is a man of passion. You want to show others the way via that internal flame of yours. You know how to lead if only they would get out of their own way.

Someone in your life is creating this goal, Richard. Maybe you are just coming into your feelings of being in charge. You have a purpose now. A reason for taking up the reins and leading the way.
Richard’s Response:
There is one person I’d like to take charge of, that’s for sure. Tell her to dump the jerk in the suit and open her eyes to what’s across the hallway. But the weird thing is, Lindy seems in charge of herself in a whole new way lately. I don’t like the direction she’s going. But she seems pretty confident. That’s kind of throwing me for a loop. I need to suck it up and just tell her what I want.

4. Where do you get your strength from?

A Queen of Swords is your strength giver. This is a woman who may have an icy exterior, but she has a fierce heart. Once you’ve melted her, she will never look at anyone else again. Make sure you let her know that she makes you strong.

This Queen is who is bringing out that King in you, I think. She may have a sharp tongue but she means well.

Richard’s Response:
I wouldn’t say icy…but then I’ve known her for such a long time. Lindy may be the virgin princess, but really she’s the warmest-hearted person I know. I have no idea why other guys haven’t seen that in her, haven’t been all over her. But I’m not complaining, because it meant I got to be the first. Then I screwed it up, by not telling her how I felt. But she said she just wanted to do it to get it over with, and that she just picked me because I was a good friend. Damn. I don’t do “just good friends” with women. The whole thing is seriously messed up and confusing.

I do think she’d make me strong. I think she’d be my muse. I just hope I haven’t lost the chance to find out for sure.

5. Why do you want to be remembered?

This is a great card, Richard. The 10 of Cups is a card that tells me you want a family. You want to build a comfortable home in the community of your heart. You may not have strayed too far from your early values as taught by your parents.

You want that white picket fence, wife, dog and 2.5 kids, don’t you?

Richard’s Response:
Jesus, that’s a little scary. But yeah, I guess I do. Well, maybe not the white picket fence. Hard to do that in a loft in the city. But the idea of a family. Suddenly that just seems like the only thing I really need to make me happy. Which is strange because I never knew that I wanted that. I just like the idea of having people there, somebody else working near me, kids running around. Hell, even the dog. I always thought I wanted to live alone. The Serious Artist. But now that vision just isn’t there anymore. I like this new vision better. It seems like it would be a lot more fun. And I get Lindy in this one. And little kids that maybe look like both of us. Not sure what kind of dog.

You can read an excerpt from Richard and Lindy’s story here. And you can meet Delphine along with a host of other authors including half of my writing alter-ego, Marilu Mann at Romanticon 2010 coming in October. It’s the second year for this conference. You simply do not want to miss this fun time!

By the way? Marilu Mann has a hot new release coming October 6. It’s the lead book in a new BDSM series from some of your favorite EC authors. Keep your eyes out for more on the 1-800-DOM-help series. Check out an excerpt from Needing Harte.

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CONTEST! One commentor will win a Character Reading for themselves. If the winner is not a writer, they will win a three card Universe reading.  In your comment, tell us what you are reading now and if you recommend it.

10 thoughts on “CHARACTER READING: Richard”

  1. I’m currently reading P.A. Brown’s L.A. Bytes, an M/M mystery/crime novel. Would I recommend it? Yes. Not only is the plot intriguing, but the main characters, Chris and David, deal with people who are not always approving of their lifestyle. The author doesn’t sugarcoat their relationship and this helps add to the tension of the story.

  2. ha! Arwen, this reading seems to be a surprise to Richard – you’ve peeled away some walls of his, and he is surprised by the reading relavatory truths. Very interesting (as usual!) t

  3. I am reading MYSTERY CULTS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD by Hugh Bowden. I’ve been actually reading it for a while — I put it down and pick it up again pretty leisurely. I wanted to find out more about the Mysteries at Eleusis, which of course are pretty much a mystery, and also the Maenads.

  4. I just started reading The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks. I’m not that far into yet, but I would recommend it especially if you’re a fan of Maya’s.

  5. Arwen, you always do such fabulous character readings! I’ve just finished IN PLAIN VIEW by J. Wachowski from Carina Press. It’s her first book, romantic suspense/mystery and I thought it was terrific. Good story, great character.

  6. I’m currently reading The Mandarins, by Simone de Beauvoir. It’s a novel she wrote about a group of French intellectuals who are recovering from World War II. It goes deep into each character’s psyches as they try to figure out how to help rebuild France, as well as revive their marriages that have been negatively impacted by political unrest. It draws some [obvious] parallels to Beauvoir’s own life and the quirky writers and theorists that surrounded her. Fascinating, but I feel like the female characters could be a lot stronger.

  7. Hi Arwen!

    Your character readings are great!

    I’m reading Suzanna Clarke’s ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”. I just love it! It’s a novel about magicians in England in the early 1800’s. Brilliant and very funny.

    Hope you all have a fabulous day! g

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