Character Reading: Anya Kalinczyk

Today’s reading is for Anya Kalinczyk who is a Virgo. She’s the heroine of Laura Bickle’s hot new Urban Fantasy. And by hot I’m not talking sex this time. I do need to disclose that I have read (and loved) Embers which is the first in this series. The second, Sparks, is just out. I hope you will try this series out. There’s a lot to love about it. Besides, who can’t love a large salamander-puppy that makes you look like you are talking to yourself?

Her bio states “Laura Bickle has worked in the unholy trinity of politics, criminology, and technology for several years. She and her chief muse live in the Midwest, owned by four mostly-reformed feral cats.”

I hope you enjoy this chat with her heroine, Anya.

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1. How do you see the people around you?

Not the most trusting Scorpio ever born, are you, Anya? The Devil tells me that you see people as temptations at the least and at the worst? Addictions that can destroy you.

You’ve been really hurt somewhere down the line by people. You view humanity as chained to their lives–unable to break free. You may avoid them because you don’t want to be like them.

Or, because you fear you will never fit in and that you will be seen as the Devil to most. You keep yourself apart for more than one reason, I think.

Anya’s Response: People always want something from me. In my work as an arson investigator, they want answers to crimes. I’m a Lantern – the only one of my kind that I know, a medium who devours ghosts. The other ghost hunters I work with want me to take out the spiritual garbage, and I guess I do keep them at arm’s length out of resentment.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

The Hierophant could be seen as the Devil’s polar opposite since this card traditionally represents the Church. It is still sometimes called the Pope. You are seen as someone who follows rules and colors within the lines. Nice chameleon act you have going there.

You are seen as a team player who can be counted on BUT you are not seen as someone they might want to hang out with after work. This could make your life a bit lonely.

Anya’s Response: You hit this one out of the park. My fellow ghost hunters see me as the solution to all their problems…the heavy artillery, the human bug zapper that can remove recalcitrant ghosts. I rush in and save the day. But I can’t really get close to them – they know that I’m a freak.

3. What is your most important goal?

You want to stop the fighting. You are the person that is always on the other side of the struggle. You want to bring peace to those who are restless, irritable. There is a family component to this card. I often see this card as someone who has to be a peacemaker.

And it isn’t really a choice for you is it? You can’t lay down that burden–just walk away from it. You must continue to ease the fighting and the struggle. I think it may hurt you more than you let on.
Anya’s Response: I want the ghosts that I encounter to find peace. I don’t know what really happens when I devour them…where they go. But I want them to end the struggle.

4. Where do you get your strength from?

Nice card here. The Hanged Man is the card of someone who knows when to take some time out. You know how to retreat. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you meditate or do yoga or some form or mental control.

The Hanged Man tells me that you get your strength from studying rather than reacting. You like to think things through. You like to have control of a situation. This is also the card of someone who intentionally places themselves in certain situations.

Your strength comes from your ability to control yourself.
Anya’s Response: I have been feeling the need to retreat, to withdraw. I’ve been contemplating quitting my ghost hunting team for quite some time. It’s just too much responsibility.

5. Why do you want to be remembered?

An interesting card here in the King of Wands. He is the Fire King. You would like to be remembered as being in charge of your own passion, your own fire.

The King of Wands is a person who is incredibly passionate about those in their care. You have a job that requires you to take care of others. You want to be remembered as doing that very well. There is a bit of a perfectionist in you as well.

Anya’s Response: It’s funny that you picked the Fire King. I’m an arson investigator. And my familiar is a fire salamander. I wish that I could be that in control of my own fire…and the fires caused by others.

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