Learn The Tarot With Arwen (6 Wk Online Class)

Learning the Tarot With Arwen
September 12 – October 23, 2010
$90 due by 9/10/10

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! $75 before August 22.

Class Size Limited

Want to learn the Tarot but afraid there’s too much information?

Picked up two Tarot books and found conflicting thoughts?

Don’t know where to start?

Arwen can help!

Fool (Gilded Tarot

Take a six week online class with Arwen Lynch. The goal of this class is to help beginner readers become comfortable with learning to read without the book. Experienced readers will benefit from new ways of seeing old cards. All levels are welcome.

Class requirements:

  1. A Tarot deck that is a Thoth or RWS clone. Please email Arwen for pre-approval of your deck if you are not sure.
  2. A notebook or journal that you can use to take notes in. This needs to be something other than your computer as there will be art exercises and crayon is hard to get off the monitor.
  3. An open mind but more importantly an open heart. You will be reminded to allow joy as you wander the path of the Fool.
  4. A willing spirit to share and help. Your lessons will help your classmates as theirs will help you.
  5. Crayons or colored pencils (no really!)

  • Week One: Through The Major Arcana With A Fool
  • Week Two: The Sword May Be Mightier aka What Suits You?
  • Week Three: By The Numbers (Breakdown Of the cards by number/meaning)
  • Week Four: Are You Courting Me? (Court cards: Who they are)
  • Week Five: Spread ‘Em (Learn Useful Spreads)
  • Week Six: Reading For Others (practicing)

This will be a much slower-paced class than my two week Tarot for Writers Basics class. We will focus on the Major Arcana in 3-4 lessons the first week. You will learn techniques on how to access your own intuitive instinct was well as ways to capture the meaning of each card for yourself.

Each subsequent week will feature another aspect of Tarot. You can expect to see 2-6 lessons per week including hands-on assignments that will require homework.

This is an instructor-led class that is web-based. You will be invited to join a loop where we will explore the Tarot together.

All participants will receive a personal Universe 3 Tarot Consultation (valued at $15) from Arwen. This will be an audio file (MP3) reading sent to you to download to your computer or listening device. This reading must be redeemed within three months after this class so no later than January 31, 2011.

Your instructor is Arwen Lynch, professional Tarot consultant and president of the American Tarot Association since 2007. You can read her full bio here.

Leave your questions as a comment or you can email Arwen.

Not sure? Want to talk to others who have taken a class with Arwen? Click here for the open testimonials from others who have shared knowledge with Arwen.

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NOTE: I will also be teaching a three week class on how to use Tarot to create vivid, leap-off-the-page characters: Kings, Queens and Card Sharps: 78 Real Characters. These workshops WILL overlap. Thanks! Arwen

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