Tarot&Food: 10 of Swords Pickle Pinwheels

I’ve got another party to go to this weekend. I also have a TON of things to get done including driving 2.5 hours one way to take Miss Josephine Goose to her new home. As per usual, this is a party where we bring a dish to share. Our lovely hosts provide hamburgers, hotdogs and a pool. I’m really looking forward to that pool.

But I decided not to do baked beans this time. As much as I love doing them, it’s more time than I have to spare. The party starts at 3pm. I will be 2.5 hours away at 10am which means I’ll be home by 1 if all goes well. So I needed something super easy.

I asked my best friend, writing partner, fabulous artist and good cook too what she would do. She sent me a couple of recipes. I was instantly hungry but also knew they would not work due to time constraints. So I went back to the drawing board. I scoured my bon appetit magazine to no avail. I did learn all about the best steak to grill along with some more recipes to make me even hungrier but no easy appetizers.

Then I remembered pinwheels. Some folks call them roll-ups. One of life’s best-kept-secrets, this appetizer is several things.

  1. Easy
  2. Delicious
  3. Flexible
  4. Cheap

What’s not to love about that? I decided not to make my weird-but-strangely-tasty Cream Cheese Tuna roll ups. Instead, I went for a version that I first experienced in the 80’s. Pickle-Ham Pinwheels.

Well, actually the first time I tried these, it was only the ham and pickle part. But what’s not to love about a nice fresh tortilla?

Bread+Butter imageIf you are not where you can easily get fresh tortillas, I weep for you. No, really. I weep that you have never had a warm tortilla spread with butter and salsa and salt. You can blame my cousin Alice for introducing me to that bit of heaven. Over on Pioneer Woman Cooks, you can find a great recipe to make your own tortillas. And if you don’t read her blog, why the heck not? She’s brilliant!

Now back to my recipe. Once I’d decided to make these, I had to share it here. That meant I had to figure out which card it went with. I mean, that’s why I’m doing this, right? To give you a recipe for each card? Okay, so it’s slow as molasses (hmmmm, I have a wonderful recipe for molasses cookies…wonder which card that would be for…), but I am doing it!

I went for the literal this time. Pickle spears are part of this recipe. Soooooo, I decided this would be the 10 of Swords. Why? Well, this little roll-ups also often have toothpicks holding them together or, …wait for it…pinning them down! Bwahahahaha! I crack myself up.

Plus, if the truth be told, I’m feeling a bit of a victim to all my obligations that I’ve created for myself. No, not about the party but about everything that I have to get done so I can enjoy the party!

So give these a try if you want a really easy, really budget-friendly appetizers.

10 of Swords Pickle Pinwheels

10 Dill Pickles (I prefer Kosher if you are inviting me over)
10 Flour Tortillas (the fresher the better)
1 10 oz tub of cream cheese (okay, so I don’t know if they are 10 oz tubs, but it amuses me to use the 10 theme)
20 slices of ham

Spread each tortilla with cream cheese. You can make it thick or thin. I’d vary it so your guests can choose on their preference. Now put down 2 slices of ham so that they cover the tortilla. You don’t need to overlap them. Then put a pickle spear in. As I’m thinking about it, you are going to need more pickles. This will probably take two pickles end-to-end.

Then roll them up nice and tightly. Not too tight now…you don’t want your cheese to go squishing all over the place, do yoU?

At this point, you can wrap them in Saran Wrap ™ to let them rest in the fridge. OR! If you are in a hurry, like I will be this Sunday, you can slice them immediately into 1″ thick (or 1/2″ inch if you prefer) slices. Arrange them on a plate all pretty-like and cover with Saran Wrap ™. You do not want them to dry out. Crusty, stale tortillas are a curse from the Gods. Honest. Have I ever lied to you?

Oh hush!

Now take these to a party and watch them disappear. They sound strange but people really love the combination.

This just goes to prove that you can’t go wrong with cream cheese.  I think you can get about 6-8 slices per tortilla. You will eat a few while you are making them. Don’t count those.

P.S. I really wanted to call this post “Pickles, Pools & Parties” darn it.

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  1. Arwen –

    The pinwheels sound great! And I agree – do not let tortilla’s dry out! 😉

    Sending good thought to the handing off of Ms Josephine Goose!


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