Geese, Spirals and Queens

I’ve been in a pissy mood. I was going to change that to cranky, but that would not be correct. Pissy is, to me, being angry about petty, little non-events. And then sharing that with others whether they like it nor not. So what is that about?

Part of it is my underlying sadness about having to rehome Josephine. For those of you who don’t know, I adopted/goosenapped a goose two weeks ago this coming Sunday. She walked up to a friend. I assumed her wing was broken. I picked her up.

The fact that she did not struggle when I picked her up should have told me something but my mind wasn’t thinking. I searched on the internet to find that she is a domestic goose who was probably dumped by well-meaning, but ignorant, humans.

Please pause for a PSA about water fowl and chickens as pets. Many breeds make excellent pets. All of them are incredibly messy. Geese poop once every 10-15 minutes. It is not a small amount. If you’ve ever met a Lory or a Lorikeet, imagine a 25+ lb lorikeet pooping all the time.

Yeah. So then people who got them for Easter take them to that nearby park and pond thinking they are doing the right thing.

WRONG WRONG WRONG. This poor creature has imprinted on humans. It thinks humans ARE its flock. You’ve just consigned this animal to hell. And if it walks up to the wrong human, it could be kicked or worse. Please do not give chicks and goslings as presents unless you can commit to a lifetime of care. Geese can live up to 20 years or more.

Anyway…I’m sad because I’m rehoming Josephine with some friends. They have a pet duck. He’s seven and has been a pet with the same person all that time. I trust them not to dump poor Josephine Goose. So this sadness is getting stuffed by me which means I’m just pissy.

Stupid things are pissing me off. A friend refusing to take five minutes to read the back of two videos pissed me off. A co-worker not doing the steps I thought they should pissed me off. A driver cutting me off pissed me off.

You know what all these things have in common?

Besides pissing me off, that is.

All of them are NOT in my control. Hello! Not in my hula hoop. So I have to re-focus myself. Have a Come-To-Inanna meeting with me. Slap myself upside the head. I’m not in charge of other people’s actions. I am only in charge of my own reactions.

Frankly, my current reactions are doing nothing but dragging me down. So I decided to pull a card from the Gaian Tarot to answer this question:

What do I need to do to refocus myself on staying in my own hula hoop?

Click to see full card and read messageGuardian of Water is my response. Snort. The Queen of Water is inviting me to swim with her. I’ve been longing to get in water lately. I come home too late to enjoy my complex’s pool. And in the morning is generally when they are cleaning it. So I have to go when I can. But she is pouring water out of a conch shell. It seems as if she is regenerating the water herself. OH MY GODS. On her neck is a spiral necklace.

Story time! Several years ago, I did a YaYa trip with my sister, Regina. We went to Sedona and had a marvelous time. While there, we did a spa treatment. I can still remember details like it was yesterday. One of the things for my treatment was that my person picked an oil intuitively. These are the AURA-SOMA® oils. Mine was #69 Sounding Bell “The power of love”. The information spoke about opening up to love. I was so moved by that experience. After that, we stopped at a roadside stand run by native Americans. I picked up a spiral necklace. The card that the lady gave me informed me it was a whirlwind and the wearer should be opening up to…love. *thud*

I love synchronicity.

So now this card here in this moment suddenly means so much more to me. I see her as a reminder that by focusing on my own rejuvenation, I can stay in my own hulahoop. There is a turtle with, to me, a slightly grumpy look. He is swimming against the flow of fish who are all focused on going one way. I can still go my own way but might have to remember that it will make me cranky sometimes. And I can’t turn those fish around. They are all following their own path. So I need to just focus on my journey and not theirs.

And I desperately need to get in the water and kiss the lips of the Goddess waiting for me there.

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4 thoughts on “Geese, Spirals and Queens”

  1. Arwen –

    Josephine came to you for a reason. You both will have positive outcomes from this expereince. 🙂

    BTW – I would love to see a children’s book come out of the Josephine Adventures!


    1. Thank you Bonnie. I keep hearing that folks want to see Josephine Goose’s Adventures. I am going to work on that!

      Maggie, thank you. I am finding that hugging a goose is a very good recipe for finding immediate joy.

      Trudy, what a great story. People find it hard to believe how sweet a goose can be! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. a Canadian goose came to my house a few years back and didn’t want to leave. My hub drove in the drive and saw it and thought it was one of the goose garden art statues. Until it came walking up to him! Anyway, my son fell in love and it was a very sweet goose. But it wasn’t meant to be alone so a very kind man down the street rehomed it at at friend’s home which had a small lake with other geese. It was bittersweet, but I think, the right thing for the goose. Hugs, Arwen. t

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