June 2010 Tarotscopes

So it’s June already. Are you ready for Summer (or Winter if you are on the other side of the world)? Are you doing anything fun? Hope you enjoy this month’s Tarotscopes. Some of you need to be on the look out for love while others need to come out of your caves. And there’s a huge lesson about generosity as well.

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Remember that Marilu Mann has a new book out called Sex And Trouble. You can read an excerpt here. Or you can go here to read a different excerpt.

You can listen to the June Tarotscopes here.

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3 thoughts on “June 2010 Tarotscopes”

  1. Arwen:

    You picked the strength card for Virgos and you were right about hard times. I lost my cat to an illness that came on all of sudden. She was diabetic and anemic. I took her to the ER vet on Monday and they wanted to save the cat–cost $10,000. I had her in intensive care overnight and then took her to my vet on the 1st of June. It was decided that the best thing for her was to put her down. She was only 8.5 years old and a beautiful sealpoint Birman. I decided to pur her down and before I got back there she died. My strength was to let her go and I know that she will be at Rainbow Bridge and with Mother Isis and Mother Bast. She was my baby and I will miss her, but I felt it was for the best.

    The ordeal was really heart breaking. The ER vet felt I was poor pet parent because I choose to let her go and I know that I was a really good pet parent. If the rest of this month follows this, I will learn more about strength.

    Crystalline Aloni

    1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, Crystalline. How very very hard for you. 10k? Oh my gods, that’s a heinous amount. I would have made the same decision. Sounds like she took her own way out so yhou would not have to make that choice. That ER vet is an idiot.

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