Tarot in 9 Words: Justice 11

Here is my next poem for the Major Arcana. For those of you who are new to my blog, this is a series that I do based on my 9Words Poetry Challenge that I developed. I’ve been doing this for nearly seven years but only in the past two years began to do this for Tarot as well.

I take nine words that come to me while looking at the card. For this exercise I am using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.  Then I write a poem that uses those nine words. The poems are not always good but the exercise is just to write something. It’s one of the ways I wake up my muse.

The nine words: Draped Crown Sword Scales Stare Column White Lift Step

Justice 11

Compassion supports the crown
Determination the sword
Who sits behind the column
In draped mysteries
Who whispers white lies
Balanced in your scales
Do you stare in disbelief
At the falseness of living
Do you gaze with pity
At those whom justice
Must unwillingly serve?
If given the chance to quit.
To set down then step down
Would you betray your duty?
Leave everything behind?
Would your loyalty to truth
Blind you to any other path?
Does the chance to hear
That occasional truth
Lift you enough?
Enough to contine on for us?
Wear the crown?
Wield the sword?
Lift the scales?
Be a justice for peace?
Compassion is this truth.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

4 thoughts on “Tarot in 9 Words: Justice 11”

  1. very challenging and powerful poem, arwen. sometimes i’d like to just run away and chuck it all. be really selfish. but i feel challenged to reset that crown on straight and lift the sword. you know?

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