World Tarot Day 2010 Contest

So today is World Tarot Day. I like World Tarot Day. It promotes the idea of accessibility and camaraderie in my mind.

Last year I wrote a post on this event. I even created a spread around the idea of the Star card.

I have to admit that I’m not as excited about World Tarot Day this year as I have been in years past. That is due to some things I’d rather avoid talking about if I can. Just suffice it to say that it doesn’t seem to be promoting the true spirit of Tarot as I see it. Totally personal issues, you see, that I am allowing to steal my joy.

So, instead of a new spread, what I want to do to remind myself of the spirit of this day is give away a reading. This reading will not be the Shining The Light spread that I developed for last year’s World Tarot Day. Instead, because Tarot is a joyful thing for me, I will be doing the Joy Seeker spread for the winner.

In addition, everyone who leaves a meaningful comment on what World Tarot Day means to them will get a one card reading from me. I will do those in a mass post by the end of this week/beginning of next. I have family coming in tomorrow through Friday so don’t look for those readings before Sunday.

Contest Rules:

1. Leave a meaningful comment (“great post” is not meaningful)
2. Open to all.
3. Reading will be done in English via MP3 recording and made available to the winner for download.
4. Comments up to 6:00 pm 5/26/2010 will be in the drawing for the full reading as well as the one card readings.

20 thoughts on “World Tarot Day 2010 Contest”

  1. I’m new to tarot. I’ve been reading books like crazy, reading blogs, and collecting decks.

    However, I’m scared to actually try and read the cards. (What if I’m–gasp–wrong?? LOL) I’ve started doing a card for the day, but find all the varying meanings confusing. I kind of pick what feels right, but don’t really trust my own instincts.

    Sad, I know.

    Anyway, with help from blogs like this one, I hope to find my feet more firmly on the tarot path. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ami, you speak the words most of us have at one time or another. A good way to start is that card a day. Pull in the morning and do NOT look at the book. Just examine the card and write down what it means to you. Then at the end of the day, grab the card and the book and review what you wrote against the book and against what your day was like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I found out about your contest from Twitter.

    This is the first year that I am celebrating this day. I was unaware of it before. It’s a great concept to celebrate this great process of learning more about yourself and the world around you.

    I am also a tarot reader. I’m doing something similar at my blog if you’d like to come by. It’s always nice to have someone else do your reading.
    .-= Cher Green´s last blog ..Happy World Tarot Day! =-.

  3. For me World Tarot Day should be about celebrating tarot and sharing our joy in and passion for these fabulous images. I would like it to encourage people who may not know much about tarot to learn something, to allow someone who might not ever have had a reading to do so, and to generally inspire people to have fun with the cards.
    .-= Chloe´s last blog ..Eight of Swords and Yoga =-.

  4. Arwen – I’m such a dolt, I have replied on your last year’s entry!!!

    I too have reservations about WTD, which I shall not spout on about on your blog, but still want to celebrate the concept.

    Keen TABI tweeters have been giving 1-card 140 character tweets today (as have many non-members lol!) it seems a fine way to celebrate the concept of promoting Tarot as a force for good in the world.

    Hope it’s a good one for you!

    Ali x

  5. Yes it’s a shame that this year’s WTD celebrations have been dividing and not uniting the World of Tarot – which is what it should be about. There is room for everyone in this world -life is too short to be spent in conflict.

    1. Smile. I think it’s just a bump in the road. Let’s stay focused on the positive things about this day and start planning for next year. I’d love to see a worldwide Tarot read in!

  6. Thanks for sending them my way. I’m a little shocked, by the non response. LOL, I guess in title I should have put free reading rather than happy World Tarot, everyone responds to the free tarot reading post.

    Swapping sounds fun. Other than having someone else read for you, you also get to see how another reader approaches the cards.
    .-= Cher Green´s last blog ..Happy World Tarot Day! =-.

    1. Grin, just retweet it, Facebook it and pop into other’s blogs. It’s a fun time getting a following built up. I loved what I saw on your blog though.

  7. This is my first world tarot day and for me it’s been about meeting and learning from others. It’s bern about devoting myself to learning something that will help me grow.

  8. Arwen, this past weekend i was visiting with my son and we were out window shopping and came upon a tarot lady. She did his reading and he really enjoyed it – it was very spot on for him. enough that he didn’t want to reveal too much to me. Then I went back and she asked me to let her do a reading. So i did and, wow, it was so on target for where i was at this particular moment. she also gave me excellent advice. So I am definitely celebratiang world tarot day!! I wish you lived closer to me (i’m in the northeast). I enjoy you wisdom so very much. t

  9. In my growth as a reader and I have been trying to gain exposure to as many sides of tarot as I can. As with life, I don’t see that there can ever be one “correct” path or set of ideas for tarot. Yes, there are accepted meanings for each card, but with so many deck and so many readers, the possible interpretations are limitless. That is the hope that I saw in WTD. A realization for all that even though many may have pulled the same card, it means something just a little different to each of them. The spirit of tarot is diversity and acceptance. I participated in the hosted “world’s largest reading” and I am curious to see the outcome. I do not expect it to be earth shattering by any means, as when it is all compiled it will still be at the interpretation of those who complied it. However, I have my hopes that it will touch each person who sees it in a unique way.

  10. I am pro raising public awareness about, demystifying and destigmatizing the Tarot (and other forms of divination), pro raising educational and ethical reading standards, pro inclusion versus elitism. I believe that collectively we can do a much better job of this than on our own and that is why my first World Tarot Day was really quite exciting and inspiring. For me it was also Tarot Pride Day:-) As my favourite Morgan’s Tarot card says, Far Out!:-)

  11. Thank you for your insight on World Tarot Day. I am new to tarot but I have always been fascinated by the images.
    I aspire to continue to grow and learn more. Many Blessings. Raquel

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