Focus, Butterflies and MP3’s

It’s been a busy May for me. I’ve been running and gunning more than sitting and knitting. (Yes, I like rhymes.) I was mentioned on Theresa Reed aka the Tarot Lady’s blog as one of her top 10 Tarot blogs. It was a lovely thing from a Tarotist that I greatly admire. If you don’t read her blog regularly, you really must.

I realized I needed to get back to this a bit more. I am going to continue with my study of the Gaian Tarot as that is still pulling me strongly. And today’s card really targets my energy today. 🙂 It’s one of the Child cards. Joanna Powell Colbert changed the courts to Child/Explorer/Guardian/Elder. She doesn’t lock them into female/male/female/male but uses both for these court cards. Now you could argue that there are more than two genders in our world, but this binary is the one Joanna chose and, frankly, is easily understood.

My card for today is the Child of Air. A little girl with dark curly hair is focused on her hand. A butterfly rests there. She is dressed in a pink dress with a white lacey overgarment. A flower wreath decorates her hair. She seems to be rising up in the air as all you can see behind her is blue sky and clouds. A flight of butterflies swoops around her starting in the bottom right and curving behind her then curving back to fly off to the upper left. I see these creatures as carriers of prayers from us and messengers from the Divine to us. It’s a two-way street so we have to remember to shut up and listen as much as we pray for this or that need.

The butterfly on her hand is a Monarch which is probably one of the most popular butterflies. Or maybe it is a Tiger Swallowtail? According to Joanna, it’s a Swallowtail. For me, what is important here is her focus. She is so intent on this one pretty butterfly.

I see the Child energy as innocent experience. It hasn’t been colored or clouded by too many of life’s little lessons. She is all about joy for me. The Ace of Air is also a butterfly (Monarch there, I’m fairly sure) emerging from the cocoon. Here we see the energy of Air moving into a new form through the Child.

My days of late have been filled with movement and mental gymnastics. At the end of April I took a road trip with my best friend and writing partner, Cai, up to Columbus, OH. Since I got back, it seems like I just want to go more. Yesterday on my day off instead of staying at home and writing, I took off to go see friends. Ten hours later I came home and crashed. It was great but there is a part of me that yearns to be quiet.

I think this Child of Air is my inner desire to be able to stop and focus on just one thing. Just to be able to hear the messages since I know I’m being far too noisy in my mind.

I have decided to start offering MP3’s of my readings so that I can do them more immediately. Those of you who get readings from me know that my email readings can take a while. I think that by adding this audio (air) option, it will be more intimate as well. You can hear my voice as well as play it back if you miss something. What do you think?

You can see today’s card here.

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