Character Reading: Gavin Fitzjohn

This is a reading for Blythe Gifford’s newest hero. Gavin Fitzjohn gave me a bit of push-back in the reading. I think maybe I hit a bit too close to home here and there for our fella. He gave his birthday as early January 1334 which makes him a Capricorn.

If you enjoy historicals, I think you will really love Gifford’s writing. She is the author of five medieval romances from Harlequin Historical. She specializes in characters born on the wrong side of the royal blanket.

Royal Rogue: He is the bastard son of an English prince and a Scotswoman. A rebel without a country, he has darkness in his soul.
Innocent Lady: Daughter of a Scottish border lord, she can recite the laws of chivalry, and knows this man has broken every one. But she’s gripped by desire for him—could he be the one to unleash the dangerous urges she’s hidden until now?

Blythe loves to have visitors at or Now let’s see about that reading, shall we? Once you have stopped drooling over that gorgeous cover for this book. Ready yet?

1. How do you see the people around you?

Um, treacherous bastards who will betray you in a heartbeat? That’s normally the answer when you get the 3 of Swords. You may actually be the one people turn to when they are hurt and upset. You may be everyone’s big brother and no one’s lover perhaps.

I think you are embroiled in a situation where you simply do not know who to trust. There may be a treasure hunt involved as well. Beware the one who comes creeping to you because they seem to have some hidden motives, Gavin. There is another who is in the shadows who actually may have more of your interest at heart. But even they have their own secrets.

Gavin’s Response:
Treacherous bastards is about right. Though I wouldn’t be sniveling like that man on the card. Yes, I’m surrounded by people I can’t trust: Scots, Frenchmen, even my uncle the king. Everyone is out for himself. But Clare? I’d like to think…well, yes. She has her secrets, too.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

The go-between. The mediator. The one who will carry this one’s message to that one. You stand between two strong factions, I think. You are the one they come to for results. But, your eyes are on something or someone else. There is a star you want to follow…a comet if you will of someone who has blazed through your life.

People see you as a traveler. You may have been to far-off places that they can only dream of. You represent a boundary to them somehow. Not sure what that really means but you are like Colossus who holds up the world for some people.

Gavin’s Response:
I don’t care what they think. You can’t control other people’s opinions. Most people I know see me as bad, evil, destructive. I’m half Scots, half English, so no matter which side someone is on, they can hate the other side of me. That’s the boundary, the border that splits me and everyone wants to push me to one side or the other. Particularly Clare. I want her to see me as a man, but all she can see is an English bastard.
I’ve traveled on both sides and I’m really both Scots and English. That’s what she doesn’t understand. At least, not yet.
3. What is your most important goal?

To get everything done. To make sure no stone is left unturned. Gavin, the Ten of Wands is the card of the overachiever so I would caution you to learn to delegate if you can. Let others take on some of your tasks. You may burn yourself out if your most important goal is to do it all.

On the flip side of that, you do care about those around you even if they don’t realize it. You want to make things better for them. I think your natural tendency to “do it myself” comes from a childhood where you watched someone never do for themselves and get taken advantage of.

I get a strong sense of you needing to save the land…a home…the food from the land.

Gavin’s Response:
No one has ever done much for me, that’s the truth. What I see in this picture is a guy trying to hide. And I’ll admit, at first, I just wanted to escape for awhile to somewhere they didn’t know me. Just for a little peace. That was hard to do. My reputation followed me.
But a home, a place I could belong and call my own? And with Clare? Yes. That would be everything I’ve never dared hope for.
4. Where do you get your strength from?

The card of the happy family shows up here. You had really good role models somewhere. You know what happiness looks like even if you don’t think you can achieve it. You want that in your own life and are willing to dig your heels in to get it.

I get a sense of pigheaded stubbornness from you on this. I also believe your sense of “proper” and “right” family may be turned on its ear. But don’t worry. It will be a learning experience and you will grow from it.

Gavin’s Response:
A happy family? That’s as much a dream as a place of my own. My mother’s family hated me because of my father. My mother said he loved her. The delusions of a woman.
Maybe I wanted to believe he was something better than they said. I’d like to believe that about myself, too. And sometimes when I look at Clare, I can.
5. Why do you want to be remembered?

This is an intriguing card, Gavin. The High Priestess is the mysterious female. She is intuitive and hard to understand. But as your card for what you want to be remembered by, I would have to say this is about you sharing knowledge.

Your feelings around knowledge are a bit murky, but you would like to leave a legacy of information behind. You seem to be tired of all the hidden secrets and intrigues. My feeling here is that you want to shine some light into some dark corners.

Gavin’s Response:
That image reminds me of the spirits of Beltane, the night that Clare and I…well, never mind. I’d be surprised if anyone wanted to remember me. But if I could heal the divisions within myself, maybe I could help others. Clare, too, because the truth is, I know her better than she knows herself. And that scares her.
Because the secret is, we all have parts of ourselves we’d like to hide. Only when we can accept them can we heal ourselves and each other. And maybe then, that border will just be an invisible line.

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  1. Arwen, I love your readings because they always bring out a side of the character I haven’t seen before. Thanks for the opportunity. And if you want a chance to win a copy of HIS BORDER BRIDE, do include your email address. Thanks.

  2. I love Blythe’s Books and I can’t wait to read Gavin’s story- you gotta love those men in Kilts!!!!!

  3. That part about a home of his own – that got to me. And in his situation, I can see that desire at the crux of his motivations. I’m rooting for him. arwen, another fantastic reading!

  4. Trudy, you are the winner of Blythe’s giveaway. I will send Blythe your email. Congratulations.

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