Musings on The Lovers (Gaian Tarot)

The Dark Side, Lovers and Contests? What is Arwen talking about now?

I’ve got so much to do today.  I’ve done my weekly Tarotscopes on Twitter. You can check them out every Sunday just by going to that link. No need to join the Dark Side even if we do have cookies!

I’m gearing up for my Austin Tarot Talkers Meetup at 2pm today. I have some notes on the suits and hope that will be enough. May dig some books out as well to share.

Today’s card came as a bit of a surprise to me. With all I have on my plate, I expected the 10 of Air or some other “you’re busy” card. Instead, I pull the lovely Lovers from Joanna Powell Colbert’s fabulous Gaian Tarot. If I haven’t mentioned how much I adore this deck, I do.

I wrote a poem recently about anti-love. I tell people that I have two varieties of poetry. Love and Love?HA! poems. This one is a Love?HA! one definitely. It has basis in reality but perhaps not this immediate reality. I often draw on past experiences or what I perceive as other people’s experiences.

Shooting stars arced across my heart
Holding hands on that green sward
Music thumped through me–bass beats.
For a moment I let my heart follow
Swooping through that midnight blue
Like the dizzying acrobatic little bat
Then the light moved. The music stopped.
Realized my shooting stars were nothing
But random bits of dust in a spotlight
Just like my love for you was nothing
But forgotten kisses under a sullen moon.

April 7, 2010
Stephanie Arwen Lynch

But back to today’s card. A man and woman have been standing forehead to forehead but they have just turned to look at the artist. They still touch. Her head rests on his cheek. Their arms are around one another almost protectively. A swan with a gold necklace stands guard before them with a wing outspread in the lower left of the card. Two doves hover above the woman in the upper right. A wall of greenery spreads behind them like a bower.

He has a vine for a crown while her hair is decorated with delicate flowers. They hold a rose branch together that has a full blown rose as well as two buds. A bee is visiting the full blown rose.

This card is about protecting love and nurturing love. The bee will pollinate another rose with this one. This couple will nurture their love and grow their family as indicated by the two buds. If they remember to cherish what they have, they will make it.

For me, this is a heads up on how to approach love. You can’t take it for granted.  You must remember that it takes a united effort. The swan is intriguing to me. When I married my first female-bodied lover in the 80’s, we were giving a pair of silver swans. The story I was told then was that in Japan, new couples are given swans. When they face together, their graceful necks arch into a natural heart shape.

The swans were to be indicators of our love. If one was unhappy, they were to turn one swan away from the other. This was to be a “we need to talk” message.

That lover and I didn’t last as she chose to break our marriage vows by sleeping with another woman. We never used those swans. I wonder if we had, would things have been different? Somehow, I doubt it. And, I do think it was for the best in the long run. I’m a very different woman from the one that stood in that sacred circle and pledged forever.

Have you pledged forever? Did it last? Did it change? Did it fall apart? That ex and I are friends again even though I doubted we ever would be. But time really does heal all wounds, I guess.

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